Town of Antrim, NH
The Limrik, A Quarterly Journal
The Limrik originally called The Antrim Community Newsletter was founded in November 1991 by Beverly Tenney, Nancy Timko, and Lois Harriman. A feature article in the first issue announced a contest for another name for the publication, the winner to receive a $35 gift certificate at the Rynborn, a local restaurant and blues club. The winning entry, submitted by Madeline Dusky, turned out to be The Antrim Limrik. When Madeline was asked what she thought of the publication 10 years later, she replied: "I love it. It catches the pulse of the town."
In 1992 Richard Winslow became Managing Editor of The Antrim Limrik. With the publication of the December 2003 issue, the name was once again changed to The Limrik: A Quarterly Journal. Dick Winslow and the staff felt that the word "journal" best described the content that had evolved to include, in addition to news and current events, essays and opinions for, by, and about the people of Antrim. The Limrik is an historical snapshot of life in Antrim, NH. As with the first issue, all staff members are volunteers, and the paper on which it is printed is generously donated by a local company, The Monadnock Paper Mills.

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