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CIP Minutes 5/25/17
2       7:00 P.M.
3       May 25, 2017
4       MINUTES
  • Members & Staff Present:
  • Ron Haggett (Member); Bob Holmes (Member); Steve MacDonald (Member); Victor Rosansky
  • (Member); Bob Edwards (Ex Officio); and Carol Ogilvie (Consultant Planner).
  • Public Attendees: None
  • Mr. Haggert noted that the first item of business would be to elect a Chair.  On a motion by Mr.
  • MacDonald/seconded by Mr. Holmes, the Committee voted to elect Mr. Haggett as Chair, with
  • all in favor.
  • Chair Haggett called the meeting to order.  He stated that tonight’s business was to decide on
  • the general approach to the CIP process.  In his view, he believes that the Committee need not
  • concern itself with recurring line items, such as cruiser replacements, but rather with the big-
  • ticket items that will have significant impact on the budget.
  • Mr. Edwards pointed out that the letter that goes out to the Department Heads sets a cost of
  • $10,000 with a minimum five-year lifespan as the criteria for inclusion into the CIP, and wonders
  • if that is still valid.  Mr. Haggett replied that it is, although the Committee should evaluate all
  • requests to see if they are appropriate for the CIP or for the operating budget.
  • Mr. Edwards further noted that he, as a Selectman, is primarily interested in seeing the real
  • capital improvements on the spreadsheet, and not so much interested in the debt service. What
  • is the project and how will it be funded are his concerns.
  • (Victor Rosansky in at 7:07 P.M.  Introductions to Mr. Rosansky.)
  • Mr. Holmes stated that he would like to see list of vehicles to know when they expect to be
  • replaced.
  • Ms. Ogilvie replied that she has been attempting to compile such an inventory list of equipment,
  • primarily for DPW, Fire and Police, but has not completed it yet.  The value of such an inventory
  • would be to be able to forecast out 20-25 years for the most expensive pieces of equipment, and
  • begin early to make decisions about how those will be funded.
  • The Committee then discussed a time frame for sending the letter and worksheet to the
  • Department Heads.  Ms. Ogilvie noted that she has all the forms and other documents in her
  • files and she can send them out any time.  She added that having more time for responses is
  • good, since sometimes it is necessary to meet separately with a Department Head.  Mr. Edwards
  • suggested including an offer of one-on-one help in the letter.

  • The Committee then discussed some of the issues that are expected to have big budget impacts
  • in the future, including the wells and water supply, the Town’s dams, and emerging issues with
  • the treatment of wastewater.
  • Mr. MacDonald noted that these are good examples of things that have not been on the Plan in
  • the past, and that we need to be paying attention to them.
  • Chair Haggett suggested that Ms. Ogilvie send out the draft letter and worksheet to the
  • Committee for review before it goes to the Department Heads.
  • Mr. Rozansky had several questions about the role and responsibilities of the Committee, which
  • led to discussion of what has been the biggest challenge for this committee; how far out does
  • the CIP budget; do the Department heads have specific training for this process; and how does
  • the Committee get alignment across the Departments.
  • Next Meeting:  The Committee will not meet again until after the forms come back from the
  • Department Heads.
52      Meeting adjourned at 8:18 P.M.
  • Respectfully Submitted,
  • Carol Ogilvie

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