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CIP Minutes 11-7-2017
November 7, 2017

Present:  Chair Ron Haggett, Steve MacDonald, Bob Edwards (Ex-Officio),
Victor Ronasky, Carol Ogilivie (Planning Consultant), Colleen Giffin (staff).

Absent: Bob Holmes

Re-Submitted Worksheets
  • Fire
Motion: Mr. Edwards made a motion to accept the October 5 minutes. Mr. MacDonald seconded.
Motion: Mr. MacDonald made a motion to accept the October 24 minutes. Mr. Edwards seconded.
All Agreed.
Fire Department: The Committee discussed about how quickly the technology changes and
the need to keep up. The new/demo fire truck will require a minimum of $50,000 a year in
the capitol reserve.
Fire Chief Marshall has also added a future purchase for new Breathing Apparatus. Cost?
The Committee first looked at what was available in the Capital Reserve for the fire
department $147,000 is in the budget with another $15,000 voted into the AFD budget
during Town Meeting. The Committee agreed that due to the nature of the department
these vehicles are essential to the town.  The Committee estimated that to make the
deadline of 2019 for a new pumper, the town would have to put away $92,500 yearly.
If the decision to purchase the truck is put off then the price will obviously go up.
The cost can be flexible based on what is available at the time. The anticipated surplus
from the Town’s budget cannot be calculated until further in the year, but perhaps that money,
if there is any, can be used for this purchase and for the purchase of the new breathing apparatus.
A Town Meeting may be needed to allocate where the surplus should go. Mr. MacDonald made a
point of saying that these are numbers that they have available now, but there may be some
issues that will come into play in the future.

Committee Questions
Why is the Fire Marshall asking for a replacement for the 1994 pumper and not the 1989 pumper?
How does a truck get classified a demo truck?
Can the Fire Department extend the request date a few years.
Would the old truck be used as a trade-in or could it be sold?
 Is there money in the town’s reserve account for this vehicle?
What kind of warranty comes on these trucks?
What year would the vehicle be if it was bought in 2019?
Will there be money in the town budget for this?
What is the problem with the 1994 truck that it needs to be replaced?

If Hawthorne Academy open with a full capacity of students, will there be a plan in place
for an emergency on the campus? Discussion of the school opening and safety protocols ensued.
A suggestion of having the North Branch firehouse staffed full time for the benefit of the academy.
The State Fire Marshal declared that the school still had safety items to bring up to code before it could be opened to the public.
 The Committee has the numbers now to compare with the requests from the fire department as well as the future requests for newer equipment to compare to the
 Water& Sewer. Mr. Edwards explained to the committee about the well drilling test the
W&S department has been performing. DES is getting adamant about a redundant back
up for the current system. What the Water & Sewer department estimated last year will be carried forward for this year.
Coming up:
-Meeting with the Parks & Rec. Commission on November 9, 2017 @ 7 pm at the Town Gym.
-Meeting of the Trustee of the Trust funds on November 15, 2017
-Meeting with Fire Marshall Gale on December 12 @ 9 am.

Next CIP Meeting : November 21 @ 9 am
Respectively Submitted,
Colleen Giffin, Staff

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