Town of Antrim, NH
Conservation Commission
Contact TypeContact Information
, Chair
Antrim Town Hall, PO Box 517 
Antrim ,NH 03440 
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Commission Members
Term Expires
Peter Beblowski, Chair
March 2016
Linda Bryer
March 2018
Keith Wolsiefer
March 2017
Rod Zwirner
March 2016
Ron Cheetham, Member at Large
March 2017
Gregg LakeThe purpose of the Conservation Commission is to protect the Town's natural resources; preserve and maintain important lands including and not limited to trails, conservation easements and Town forests. In conjunction with this purpose, it acts in an advisory capacity to the Town Select, Planning, and Zoning Boards on conservation and natural resource utilization issues.  When requested the Conservation Commission makes site visits and recommendations for wetland, water bodies, dredge and fill permits and conservation easements. The Commission also promotes/supports/interfaces with the NH Cooperative Extension Service – Coverts Program, and conducts periodic hikes and an annual Spring Roadside clean-up. Volunteers are always welcome to participate in any of these activities.

The Antrim Conservation Commission may comprise as many as 7 members (6 active & 1 alternate). We are always glad to hear from residents who may be interested in learning more about the Commission.  Please ask any one of the members below.