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Library Trustee Minutes 07/09/2007
James A. Tuttle Library
45 Main Street, Antrim, NH 03440

Board of Trustees Meeting
July 9, 2007

Present: Nancy Benda (Treasurer), Kathy Chisholm, (Library Director), Janice King (Co-Chair), Connie Kirwin, Margaret Warner (Co-Chair).

Pre-Meeting: Met with John Kendall and made decisions on material and color for the following items:
·       Counter top of circulation desk
·       Counter top in staff work area
·       Lower level stacks area flooring
·       Hand railings for outside walkway

Minutes: minutes from June 5, 2007 accepted.

Treasurer’s Report: (See attached). Nancy reported on the following items:
·       The current water pipe from the town water main to the library needs to be replaced. Payment will be accepted either in full at about $5-6,000 or over a period of years thru the installation of a water meter. The Trustees voted to go with the installation of a water meter.
·       An adjustment was made to the fuel oil budget to reconcile an unanticipated mid-winter delivery.

Library Director’s: (See attached).
·       Kathy e-mailed her report to the Trustees prior to the meeting.
·       Reviewed a quote from Paul Matthes for construction of shelving units for the new Young Adult area.
·       Reviewed and approved the estimates for all shelving: Gaylord (children's area), Highsmith (stacks), the Settle Shop (children's area), and Paul Matthes (young adult area). The Trustees authorized Kathy to go ahead and order all the shelving.

Old Business:
·       ILL Training was revisited: It was reaffirmed with Kathy that ILL requests are an essential service of the Library and are to be done only by staff, not by volunteers. All staff will be trained in the ILL process so that there will not be any lapse in this service when any one of the staff is on vacation. Melissa and Kristin will schedule in-house training within 2 weeks.
·       Kathy presented an ad for substitutes to be placed in local newspapers, in Town Hall, and on the Town Website. After a few minor corrections it was approved and Kathy was authorized to proceed.
·       Kathy collected the public access computer logs and Connie will enter the data and chart year-to-date usage for the next meeting.
·       Recommended changes by Allan Treadwell, IT Network Consultant to the Library, in both of the Computer Use Agreements and the Computer Use log were discussed. Janis will make the suggested changes on the Computer Use Agreements and Connie will make the suggested changes on the Computer Use log.

New Business:
·       Kathy suggested that furniture should be ordered for the new addition. Items on the furniture list were identified and discussed and Kathy was authorized to go ahead with the ordering.
·       Trustees approved the estimate from William B. Meyer, Inc., the company that will move the books into the new addition. Kathy was authorized to go ahead and contract them and schedule the move based on John Kendall’s estimate of completion.
·       Discussed the configuration and use of computers when the addition is completed. It was decided that although all computers will be capable of accessing the on-line card catalog, there will always be one computer available on the main floor for public use as the on-line card catalog. It was also decided that there will be a computer capable of accessing the on-line card catalog in the stack room on the lower level of the addition. Allen will be asked to have this computer password protected so that only the card catalog will be available.
·       A new phone system was discussed. A recommended feature for a phone in the lower level stacks would be the ability to call only the front desk, similar to an intercom, with no outside service available. Connie will look into the telephone system and bring suggestions to the next meeting.
·       Discussed the apparent communications problem between the staff and Allan Treadwell when computer problems have been identified and solutions have been done and technology improvements have been completed. The Trustees have asked Kathy to meet with Allan to resolve this issue and establish a process for logging both problems and solutions. The Board reaffirmed that all staff are required to cooperate fully with Allan as his expertise is crucial to the success of the library’s computer network and the system software that runs the library circulation.
·       Discussed the upgrade/migration of the Spectrum circulation system. It was estimated that the change will be implemented in 2008. Kathy will compile a list of NH libraries that have already made the change and will give the list to Connie who will research.
·       Janis has resigned as Co-Chair. It was voted to have Sheila Proctor and Margie Warner as Co-Chairs and Connie Kirwin as Secretary.
·       Kathy was asked to report at the next meeting on the results of Program Survey that was conducted this spring both at the Library and on the Town’s website.
·       The Trustees have asked Kathy to notify by e-mail either one of the Co-Chairs when she will be using vacation time.
·       Janis was asked to complete the employee policy for the trustees to approve. Connie will contact Adele Knight, trustee in Dublin, for information on the cost of and the process for contracting the services of Melissa Martin, the Attorney for the State Board of Trustees, since the Dublin Board has used her services in the past.

Next meeting: August 13, 2007 at 7:30 pm.

        Respectfully submitted,
        Connie Kirwin, Secretary

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