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Library Trustee Minutes 10/17/2011
James A. Tuttle Library
45 Main Street, Antrim, NH 04330

Board of Trustees Meeting
October 17th, 2011

Attendance: Trustees- Yvette Brinkley, Colleen Giffin, Ron Haggett, Molly Moore Lazar, Margaret Warner  Director- Kathryn Chisholm
Library Intern: Christopher Brinkley            Historical Society Rep- Peter Moore     
Festival of Trees Committee-Thelma Nichols      Guests-Stephen Ullman

The agenda for tonight’s meeting was approved.

Minutes of September 13th, 2011 approved after several grammatical corrections.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Ron Haggett gave the Treasurer’s report for September.
Library Director’s Report:

  • Kathy gave the Director’s report
  • Allan Treadwell will be downloading and installing our new ILS – Destiny on Thursday, Oct. 27 and Friday, Oct. 28.  The Library will be closed during this process.
  • The trustees approved having a librarian from Canaan come help our staff with the setup.
  • Intern Christopher Brinkley has been doing an excellent job.
  • The trustees want Kathy to run one more help wanted ad in the Ledger-Transcript.
  • The “code of behavior” policy is still being worked on, but will act as an interim policy until its final approval.
  • Information items
  • Friends of the Library
  • Area Trustees meeting - next meeting, Antrim, Friday, Oct. 21, 12:30 p.m.
  • Festival of Trees planning update – Thelma Nichols- Mrs. Nichol’s came to answer any questions that the trustees might have about the event. She talked about the Friday night, December 2nd, event- the Evening of Lights Gala which will include live music, a silent auction, and light or’ devours.
  • Historical Society-Peter Moore- Mr. Moore came to talk to the trustees regarding some of the work that the HS has done in the past year and with a concern that they have regarding the security of their artifacts. The HS wants to put locks on the door and has looked into it. Mr. Moore wants to see what can be done to secure the HS room upstairs. The trustees are not sure that locks are a feasible solution because of several factors. That room is a meeting room for other groups. There is also a concern about how closing that room off might impact airflow and heating. There are other logistics that would need to be thought about. The trustees suggested some things that could be looked into by the HS first which include having an insurance appraisal of the artifacts done by Primex. Was there a possibility of building or using lockable wall cabinets to house valuable or fragile items? Also the trustees informed Mr. Moore that cameras will be installed eventually in that room. In the meantime the matter is unresolved between the trustees and the historical society.
  • Old Business
  • Student volunteers-It turns out that all that is needed for volunteers under age 14 is parent permission
  • Contractor estimates for 2012 budget- The trustees are still waiting for the formal estimates from the contractors.
  • New Business
  • State Library – ILL van situation- Kathy passed out information regarding this.
  • Next meeting date: November 14, 2011- The trustees voted to change the meeting times to 7:00, Margie will notify the time with the town.

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