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Antrim Open Space Committee 05/10/05
Antrim Open Space Committee
Meeting Notes
May 10, 2005
Members Present:

Linda Bundy~~~~~~~~ Loranne Carey Block~~~~~~ Robert Edwards~~~~~~~~~~~ Rod Zwirner
Ben Pratt~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Eric Tenney~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Melissa Chapman~~~~~~~~
Charles Levesque

Others Present:
Brian and Anne Hennesey, Richard Winslow, John Kendall, Paul Vasquez, Peter Beblowski, Ron Haggett, Dijit Taylor
1. We commenced with Dijit Taylor(from Center for Land Conservation Assistance) presenting “The Dollars and Sense of Saving Special Places.” She described New Hampshire’s growth~~ as averaging 13,000 inhabitants which is greatest in New England.~ About half the growth is due to births inside the state. Over one-quarter of a million new inhabitants are expected by 2025. She then described the importance of eight~ areas to our quality of life:~ clean water, wetlands, wildlife, plantlife, agriculture, forests, recreation and landscape aesthetics. These provide jobs for 16% of the working population, pay about 35% of local taxes and make up about 25 of the State’s GNP.~ Unless carefully planned, the effect of growth is a reduction of Open Space which leads to higher town taxes because residential and commercial development increases the demand for services.~ She then described techniques of land preservation and sources of help.
The details of her presentation are well described in a set of five handouts.
2. The minutes of the April 19 meeting were approved as submitted.
3. We looked at the results of the AOSC Survey. This provides us with an indication of what some individuals value within the town boundaries. The results will be used more later in the process. Thanks to Linda Bundy for compiling the results.
4 .Our next two meetings (June 14 and July 12) will provide the transition from open space educational background to more public input. It is hoped that summer residents will participate. The tasks members agreed to for the June 14 meeting were:
-       Melissa will have four maps prepared so that the session can be somewhat interactive.
-       Loranne will develop a poster for bulletin boards and business sites, plus the street message board.~
-       Bob will again contact the media for publicity, including the Limrick. He will also bring food.
-       Charlie will bring flip chart and facilitate the meeting. He will bring beverages.  He will make the materials for the meeting available on the website.  He will work with Paul Vasquez to get e-mail announcement out.
-       Rod and Ben also agreed to bring food.

5. There being no further business, we adjourned.
Note Taker
Rod Zwirner

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