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August 2015 Draft Minutes
Antrim Parks & Recreation Commission
August 13, 2015
The meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm.
Parks & Rec Commissioners:  Joan Gorga, Isaac Lombard, and Peter Lamb
Recreation Director:  Celeste Lunetta
The minutes from the July 9, 2015 meeting were approved as written.
Memorial Park
Skate Park Improvements.  Led by Colin Isotti, the Skate Park Committee raised $120 toward Skate Park improvements by selling hot dogs, burgers and other refreshments at several Antrim in the Evening concerts.  Celeste has asked Colin for a list of needed supplies.  Two sheets of Skatelite remain from previous projects, and will be retrieved from a garage in Waterville Valley.   The Skate Park has been heavily used this summer.
Signs.  The temporary signs are still up at Memorial Park.  Lisa Hennessey put in a proposal for a permanent sign design, and Isaac is still planning to contact other possible sign designers.
Tree Removal.  Emerald ash borer treatment was completed on the ash tree between the Skate Park and the brook for $120.  This treatment should be done annually.  Celeste will follow up with Andy Robblee and Donna regarding removing the five dead trees in Cram Grove.  
Culverts.  Peter received a verbal quote for $1500 from Steve Young to replace the deteriorating culverts.  Celeste will also contact the Highway Department to see if it is something they would be able to do.
Fences.  No progress has been made on replacing and extending fences.
Pickleball lines.  Celeste painted pickleball lines on the tennis court to ensure that the pickleball group can play while the gym floor is being refinished.
Folf.  We will think about adding a disc golf course at Memorial Park.
Other Maintenance.  A broken playground swing was repaired by the Highway Department within 3 hours of Celeste’s call.  Celeste will arrange for the bark mulch to be replenished to fill the deep holes under the swings.
Shea Field
Lighting Installation.  The lights are due to be delivered on Wednesday, August 19th, and will be laid down in position on the field.  The installation should start on Friday, August 21st.  They will drill 32” augur holes 12 feet deep and set the bases in concrete.  Pete will call to find out whether they intend to work over the weekend or finish early the following week.  As school starts on August 27th, the field may need to be closed during installation.  We will have to request that students not be allowed on the field during the installation.  As soon as the poles are in, we will need pole padding protectors.  Celeste will place the order so they will be in when we need them.
Painting of stands and shed by AB Lions Club.  The Lions Club has offered to paint the dugouts, stands and shed.  They prefer to wait until after Home & Harvest Days, and will try to schedule the work on Sundays to avoid games and practices on weekdays and Saturdays.  Celeste suggested that we might be able to get a grant for a shade structure at the playground.  The last time she checked into such grants, she found that we would need to find a local dermatologist to sponsor the grant proposal.
ConVal Agreement.  Once again, there has been no response from David Martz concerning an agreement over the shared use of Shea Field.
CVYSA.  There has been no further communication regarding the CVYSA.
Goodell Park.  Henry Johnson is still proceeding with his proposed Eagle Scout project at Goodell Park.
CIP.  The CIP budget is due on August 24.  We will keep our requests for addition to the CRF to build funds for the Town Gym floor repair/replacement and upgrades at Memorial Park to the same numbers proposed last year for the years 2016 - 2020.  We will add a request for $25,000 to be added to the CRF in 2021 for Memorial Park renovations.  Joan will submit the CIP request to the CIP Budget Committee.
Recreation Department
Personnel.  The new Rec Department Assistants, Monica Hagelberg and Nick Duffy, have mostly finished training.  They will work nights and weekends.  Celeste will upgrade the office computer system with one external master computer.
Update.  Celeste is completing exit evaluations for the camp staff.  The staff have worked hard, and it has been a nice summer with them.  The new lifeguards have said they are planning to come back next year.  The lacrosse players are looking forward to having a lacrosse clinic under the lights.  Celeste will check into getting donations for use of the lights and will also look into the billing cycle and contracting with an engineering company to evaluate the possible options of being billed through ConVal or the town.  The summer programs have been well attended, and Celeste will keep offering programs in the parks.  Lisa Hennessey will be running the Before School Club.  We will have to see how things shake down with the elementary school starting earlier this year.  Drop-off will be at 8:20 and school will start at 8:40.
Gregg Lake
Signs.  The hand-made signs are still up and have been pretty effective.
Beach/Boat Launch Issues.  We have had fewer problems at the beach this summer, and the water test results have been great.  Celeste has received many compliments on the lines in the parking lot and at the boat launch.  The float will be removed on Monday, August 24th.
Town Gym
Update.  The gym floor was resealed on August 9.  ConVal paid for this resealing.
The next regularly scheduled Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting will be held on Thursday, September 10th at 7:00 pm at the Rec Office.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:57 pm.
-Joan Gorga, Chair and Secretary

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