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Planning Board Minutes 05/16/2013
May 16, 2013
Regular Meeting

Members & Staff Present:            Diane Chauncey (Secretary)         Chris Condon (Member)
Jesse Lazar (Chair)                 Steve MacDonald (Member)            Martha Pinello (Member)      Charles Levesque (Vice-Chair) Sarah VanderWende (Member)                           
Members Absent:
Janet McEwen (Alternate)        Gordon Webber (Ex-officio)                                              
Public Attendees:
Ron Haggett   Bernie Lindsky

7:00 PM Public Meeting    Chair Lazar opened the meeting at 7PM.
Approve May 2, 2013 minutes
Ms. Pinello moved to accept the minutes; Mr. MacDonald seconded the motion. After a short discussion, Chair Lazar had numerous amendments to the May 2 Minutes and that the Board should review the possible amendments more carefully.
Vice Chair Levesque moved to table the minutes to the next meeting so that the Board could review a marked up version. Ms. Pinello seconded the motion. A voice vote was taken and all were in favor. The motion passed.

Review 2013 goals - Master Plan discussion
Ms. Pinello had stated (at the March 2013 goal setting meeting) that she thought it important to review a few Master Plan (MP) chapters a year. Since that meeting, she had reviewed the MP and had some “fresh look” recommendations:
  • The MP should be clear about the two required aspects of RSA 674:
  • The MP should be reviewed in light of modern practices. She stated, as an example, that visioning should not be policy.
  • The NH Office of Energy guidelines should be reviewed in conjunction with the review of the MP.
Mr. MacDonald stated the importance of knowing the contents of the MP.

Vice-Chair Levesque asked Ms. Pinello if she did not like the MP. He said that as part of his preparation for presenting Planning Board information to the SEC, he had read the entire MP, that it meets the statute requirements and that he did not have a problem with it.

Ms. Pinello said that she felt the MP was not divided up properly and used Natural Resources as an example. She said that the MP could be made easier to read. She said that it was mostly organizational, that it was not a huge problem and just needed some cleaning up.

There was a short discussion on the process of revising the MP. A suggestion was made to utilize one of the “in the cloud” programs – allowing all Board members to participate.

Vice-Chair Levesque asked who wanted to revise the MP, as it appeared that only Ms. Pinello had specific ideas.

Ms. VanderWende stated that all Board members needed to review the MP.

Mr. Condon suggested that the Board should reread the MP and look for “low hanging fruit”, and make revisions.

Vice-Chair Levesque concurred that all should reread the MP by the July 17th meeting. All Board members agreed.

Mr. Condon said that he would create a pdf of the MP (one long version – not separate chapters as it is presently set up)

NH Planning & Land Use Regulations – as an eBook – Chair Lazar has the information on how to do this
Chair Lazar explained the advantages of using the eBook – text search. After a short discussion of the process, Chair Lazar said that he would send the directions to the members.

Review 2013 goals - Zoning Ordinance review and discussion
There was a short discussion concerning the Zoning Ordinance and possible changes. There were no conclusions.
It was noted that the Lakefront Residential District did not list “minimum frontage” in the Lot Requirements section of Article VIII. This correction should be added to the Zoning Ordinance Amendments for the 2014 Town Meeting ballot.

SWRPC April Newsletter – FYI

Monadnock Paper Mill – Hydroelectric Project (FERC # 6597)  - American whitewater & Merrimack Valley Paddlers Motion to Intervene and Comments filed on the final License Application Response to US Dept. of the Interior Comments, Recommendations, & Prescriptions
FYI – information received because the Town of Antrim is an abutter

Request for Project Review by NH Division of Historical Resources – 3 West Street
The property owner of 3 West Street had applied for a lead paint funding request. As part of that process, he needed to apply to the Division of Historical Resources. Ms. Pinello explained the process to the Board.

Other business:
Excavation – The secretary will work with the pit operators to set the dates for the reviews of the three active pits: Zeke and Mack’s LLC, SR Jones LLC, and Gap Mt Development LLC. All pits must be reviewed by September, 2013.

At 8:15 pm, Mr. MacDonald moved to adjourn; Ms. VanderWende seconded the motion. All voted unanimously to adjourn.

Respectfully submitted, Diane Chauncey, Secretary of the Planning Board 

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