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Planning Board Minutes 5/05/2016
May 5, 2016
Regular Meeting

Members & Staff Present:                
Jeanne Cahoon(Vice-Chair)  Chris Condon (Chair) Michael Frosch (Member)
 Colleen Giffin (Planning Assistant)   Bob Holmes   (Member)                                    
Steve MacDonald (Member)   Carol Ogilvie (Consultant Planner)  
 Elsa Voelcker (Alternate)    
Members Absent:   John Robertson (Ex-officio)   Janet McEwen (Member)   
7:00PM Public Meeting:
Chair Condon opened the meeting at 7:00 and with the absence of Ms. McEwen asked alternate Ms. Voelcker to fill in.

Approve April 21 Meeting Minutes
Mr. Holmes moved to approve the meeting minutes of April 21. Mr. Frosch seconded.
Vote:  By a voice vote, all agreed.

Review By-laws Draft
1. Authority accepted no discussion.
2. Membership accepted no discussion.
3. Officers
  • Discussion about election of officers, organizational meeting will be the next meeting after town meeting, no other business will be done at this time.
4. Board Finances accepted no discussion.
5. Planning Department Staff - Discussion about job description.
6. Standards of Conduct
7.  Meetings

Motion: Mr. Holmes made the motion to replace 8.5 Non-Motion Issues and create a 7.8 under Meetings titled Decorum:
No member can speak twice to the same issue until everyone else wishing to speak has spoken to it once.
All remarks must be directed to the Chair, except during a public hearing, until the hearing is closed for deliberation.
Remarks must be courteous and respectful in language. Personal attacks on a member of the Board are not permitted.
Members will speak only when recognized by the Chair. When the members of Board are speaking all at once or out of turn,
it can look to the public that there is no order to the Board.
The Chair, may as needed, suspend these rules of decorum for purposes of deliberation.
And insert;
c. Once a Motion has carried by a majority of the Board, the Chair, regardless of   whether he or she voted or not, shall support and advocate to carry out the motion

When voting on a motion or amendment, the motion or amendment will be read to the board before a vote is taken.
The Board has voted on motions where it was unclear what we were even voting on because of all of the discussion going on about the motion and other topics.
8.4 Parliamentary Rules of Procedure.

Ms. Cahoon seconded the motion.
Vote:  By a voice vote, all agreed.

10. Agenda Management
11. Forms
12. Notice
13. Public Meeting
14. Public Hearing
15. Decisions
16. Amendments to the Zoning Ordinances
17. Records
18.  Joint Meetings and Hearings
19.  Site Walks
20. Amendments

Ms. Ogilvie is going to contact some of the current Capital Improvement Plan members to ask how they run the committee now.

Master Plan
Some sections of the Master Plan we will leave for the Community Profile Committee, such as A Vision for Antrim.

Sections the Planning Board can work with:
  • Natural Resources & Conservations, Water Resources, Energy Usage
  • Earth Excavation Sites
  • Current & Future Land Use
Limrik Article
Chair Condon wrote an article to recruit new alternates for the Planning Board, Ms. Giffin wrote an article requesting new alternates for the
Zoning Board of Adjustments. Chair Condon will take both articles home, combine them, and then submit them to the Limrik by Tuesday.

Planning Board Pamphlet
Town of Lyme did a Planning Board Pamphlet explaining what the Board did, who they were and how to contact them if the public had any questions.
Chair Condon would like to do a similar one for Antrim.

The NH Department of Resources and Economic Development Business Resource Specialist Mollie Kaylor called and requested that the town do a second
application for the North Branch Area that the Planning Board requested designated an Economic Revitalization Zone. She also requested maps of both areas,
the Village Business Area and the North Branch District so she could see a physical picture of those areas.

Hamilton Lot Line Adjustment
The Planning Board approved the lot line on December 17, 2015 and Ms. Hamilton sent in her check to the town to pay for the CHIP program for the Hillsborough County Registry of Deeds,
but the town has not yet received the Mylar for the lot line adjustment. The town received a call about the sale of the property. Which cannot be done until the lot line adjustment has been recorded.
This case will have to be in Pending until the town receives the Mylar from the Registry.

Define Highway Business
Written description of Highway Business District.
The Board discussed where the borders of the highway business district should go to. Why should it be difficult?
Discussion ensued on how it should be done, how long it should take, when should we start?
The final map would have to be voted on at town meeting.
Maps of Highway Business district need to be enlarged for the Planning Board to work with.

Evaluate home occupation/home-based business ordinances
  • Home Occupations in Article XIV
  • Home-Based Businesses Article XIV-A
Ms. Ogilvie suggested that the Board work on re-writing Article XIV
home occupations and Article XIV-A home-based businesses in the Zoning Ordinance  manual to make it more clear and concise.
Ms. Ogilvie will write up a proposal that will combine the two sections. Make it more reader friendly.

Ms. Ogilvie also reminded the Board that there is a new state law concerning accessory dwellings, so there will have to
be an amendment made to the existing language of the ordinance to bring it up to the states standard.

Motion: Ms. Cahoon made a motion to adjourn. Mr. Frosch seconded the motion.
Roll Call Vote: Cahoon yes, Condon yes, Frosch yes, Holmes no,  MacDonald yes,   Voelcker yes

Meeting adjourned 8:40

Respectfully Submitted By,
Colleen Giffin
Land Board Use Assistant

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