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Planning Board Minutes 9/15/2016
September 15, 2016
Public Meeting

Members & Staff Present:                
 Jeanne Cahoon (Vice-Chair) Chris Condon (Chair) Michael Frosch (Member)   
Bob Holmes   (Member) Steve MacDonald (Member) Janet McEwen (Member) John Robertson (Ex-Officio)
Guests Present:   Liz Kelly, Ron Haggett, Ray Ledger wood, Lynne Rosansky

Members Absent:  Colleen Giffin (Staff), Carol Ogilvie (Consultant Planner)   Elsa Voelcker (Alternate)   
 7:00 PM Public Meeting:
Chair Condon opened the meeting at 7:00. The Chair had all the board members
present introduce themselves, including the Zoning Board members.
Chair Condon explained to all board members and members of the public
present why Liz Kelly was here. The Chair then had Liz Kelly introduce herself.  

Liz Kelly, Planning Technician from Southwest Region Planning Commission
Ms. Kelly explained she worked mostly with transportation development, but wanted
to talk to the Boards about the grant money towns were eligible for that they may not know about.
Southwest Region Planning Commission started the town outreach effort. Ms. Kelly  
handed out Community Development Block Grants booklets filled with services related
to community needs as she explained about CDBG and how it may help the Antrim area.

Community Development Block Grants are funded by the US department of Housing
and Urban Development and awarded by NH Community Development Finance Authority.
 Towns, cities and counties can apply for grants up to $500,000 in each category. Some examples of these categories are:
  • Housing
  • Public facilities
  • Emergency Grants
  • Urban Development
There are also grants that for towns with any planning projects that they may need help with.
Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy is a plan that comes up with an economic strategy on a
regional scope. This document is a good source to look at for funding for towns.
A discussion about Grants and funds revolving around transportation, traffic studies and alternative transportation
took place among several of the board members and Ms. Kelly.
Questions were asked about how to encourage businesses to come to Antrim. Or how to restructure
and/or upgrade existing buildings that could be repurposed into new businesses that would be beneficial to the town of Antrim as well as the surrounding communities.
Discussion ensued about the many opportunities for gathering information/ referrals through the
Southwest Region Planning Commission. Ms. Kelly wants to be “a resource in our tool box”.
Ms. McEwen asked if the Southwest Region Planning Commission ever did a mapping project to
show where people were unable to get cell phone reception or internet service through either
fiber optics or broadband. Ms. Kelly said she knew a study had been done, but was unsure
of the outcome, but would look for the information at the regional office and send it along to the Board.  
Ms. Rosansky asked where the funding came for all the grant money. Ms. Kelly answered that she believed that
most of the money came from the federal government. Ms. Kelly will send the latest annual financial report from
Southwest Region Planning Commission to the Planning Board to answer that question.
Antrim 20/20
Antrim 20/20 needs people willing to learn how to be facilitators for the October 21 & 22 Community Profile meeting.
The facilitators will receive training that will be taking place at Great Brook School on Wednesday October 5 from 6-8 PM.
People can attend the training and then decide if they are interested in becoming facilitators.
The Community Profile meeting will need about ten facilitators and ten scribes. The program will be completely explained at the training.

Planning Board Alternate
Ms. McEwen asked Ms. Rosansky if she would like to be an alternate.
 Ms. Rosansky says yes she would like to make that commitment
Ms. Cahoon makes motion to invite Ms. Rosansky to be an alternate Ms. McEwen seconds.
Roll call Vote: Cahoon yes , Condon yes, Frosch yes, Holmes yes, MacDonald yes, McEwen yes, Robertson yes

Business Meeting
Approve August 4, 2016 Meeting Minutes
Minutes need to be amended before they can be accepted.
Approve August 18, 2016 Meeting Minutes
Mr. Holmes moved to accept the meeting minutes of August 18.  Mr. MacDonald seconded.
Vote:  By a voice vote, all agreed.
Motion:   Mr. Frosch made a motion to adjourn. Mr. Robertson seconded the motion.
Vote:  By a voice vote, all agreed.

Meeting adjourned 7:35 pm
Respectfully Submitted By,
Jeanne Cahoon, Co-Chair of the Planning Board &
Colleen Giffin, Secretary of the Planning Board

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