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Planning Board Minutes 4-20-2017

April 20, 2017
Regular Meeting

Members & Staff Present:                
Chris Condon (Chair), Jeanne Cahoon(Vice-Chair) , Colleen Giffin (Staff), Bob Holmes   (Member),
Janet McEwen (Member), Carol Ogilvie (Consultant Planner ) Bob Edwards (Ex-Officio), Lynne Rosansky (Member)
Members Absent:   Steve MacDonald (Member)
7:00 PM Public  Meeting: Chair Condon opened the meeting at 7:00 pm. He welcomed back Carol Ogilvie.

Business Meeting
Approve April 6, 2017 Meeting Minutes
Mr. Edwards moved to accept the meeting minutes of April 6. Ms. Rosansky seconded.
Mr. Holmes moved to accept the meeting minutes as amended. Ms. Rosansky seconded.
Vote:  By a voice vote, all agreed.
Secretary Giffin had to recuse herself as Secretary for reasons retirement. Discussion ensued about the
importance of a Secretary for the Planning Board. Vice Chair Cahoon volunteered to be Secretary.
Motion: Mr. Edward made a motion to elect Vice Cahir Cahoon Secretary of the Planning Board. Ms. Rosansky seconded.
Roll Call Vote: Holmes yes, Cahoon yes, Edwards yes, Rosansky yes, Condon yes
New Website bill
Mr. Rondeau sent in another bill for the Antrim 2020 website. After much discussion about this bill being paid
or not paid the Board voted to pay the bill with the condition of Chair Condon writing Mr. Rondeau a letter
stating this will be the last bill the Board will pay for the upkeep of the website.
There may be a chance the Antrim 2020 domain will become attached to the Town website
Motion:   Ms. McEwen made a motion to pay the Antrim 2020 website bill. Ms. Cahoon seconded.
Roll Call Vote: Holmes yes , Cahoon yes , Edwards yes, Rosansky yes , Condon yes
Discuss Excavation reviews
Chair Condon asked Ms. Ogilvie if she could give the Board more information about how or if they should proceed.  
Ms. Ogilvie stated that though she did not have the most recent regulations right in front of her, she was sure
that the Board had changed the policies so that the excavation companies did not need to come before the
Board every year and when they did come before the Board a site tour would only need to happen if there
was something the Board felt was not right with the operation.
Ms. McEwen explained that in the past a state representative came to tour the sites and several of the Board
members would go with her to learn more about what to look for with doing the evaluations.
 Chair Condon asked Ms. Giffin if she could get in touch with Mary Pinkham-Langer,
the Excavation Tax Appraiser from Department of Revenue Administration, to ask her
what her scheduled time was to visit the Antrim pits. Ms. Ogilvie said she would come to
Town Hall to look over past years reports to see if there was a template or a site review plan the Board
could use on future tours. There are three pits here in Town: Landsite, Steve Jones, and Zeke & Macs.
Mr. Edwards had questions about reclamation bonds, Ms. Ogilvie said she would look into it.

Go Over vision statement
Chair Condon asked to go around to each Board member for his or her consolidation of the points for the vision statement.
  • Bring more business to Antrim and encourage the growth of businesses already here.
  • Affordable housing for everyone
  • Protect and encourage the use of Antrim’s natural resources
  • Outlining and defining the Town of Antrim’s Mission Statement that would include long-term goals for Antrim’s economic,  
  •   and use, business growth, natural resources, and staying consistent with the goals of our community.
  • Mapping out the sections of the previous Masterplan that the Board may want to discuss.
  • Look for more resident input to find out what they find important to put in the towns Masterplan.
  • Vision statement and Mission statement, the future and  the present, combining these to keep our community small, but sustainable and  attractive to new businesses.
  • Concerns about the categories that are in the Masterplans of the past. Are they representative of today’s society?
  • Who are we now as a society and who do we want to become? What do we like about our community and what do we want so culture for the future?
674:2 Master Plan; Purpose and Description. –
I. The purpose of the master plan is to set down as clearly and practically as possible the best and most appropriate future development of the area under the
jurisdiction of the planning board, to aid the board in designing ordinances that result in preserving and enhancing the unique quality of life and culture of New Hampshire,
and to guide the board in the performance of its other duties in a manner that achieves the principles of smart growth, sound planning, and wise resource protection.
 II. The master plan shall be a set of statements and land use and development principles for the municipality with such accompanying maps, diagrams, charts and
descriptions as to give legal standing to the implementation ordinances and other measures of the planning board. Each section of the master plan shall be consistent
with the others in its implementation of the vision section. The master plan shall be a public record subject to the provisions of RSA 91-A. The master plan shall include, at a minimum, the following required sections:
~(a) A vision section that serves to direct the other sections of the plan. This section shall contain a set of statements which articulate the desires of the
citizens affected by the master plan, not only for their locality but for the region and the whole state. It shall contain a set of guiding principles and priorities to implement that vision.
~ (b) A land use section upon which all the following sections shall be based. This section shall translate the vision statements into physical terms.
Based on a study of population, economic activity, and natural, historic, and cultural resources, it shall show existing conditions and the proposed location, extent, and intensity of future land use.
Discussion about other sections allowed in the Masterplan. What became of the groups and plans that were laid out by the previous Masterplans?
The Board members agree on a lot of what should be in the Vision.
The member feel that the Masterplan’s in the past were to long with too many sections.
Chair Condon assigned a subcommittee consisting to Mr. Holmes and Ms. Rosansky to
combine their skills to come up a new draft of the vision statement using the ideas that were presented tonight.
A discussion of doing a survey and the different methods it can be sent out ensued. A decision was to get one up on the website.

Survey Results
A large number of the population was not represented due to the low turnout at Town Meeting.
Long time, home owning residents were the majority of the residents that filled out the survey.
More restaurants, road improvements and better communication were the top three
most requested improvements. And outdoor activities were the most popular leisure activities.
Cell phone service and internet were other services wanted.
A discussion of doing a survey and the different methods it can be sent out ensued. A decision was to get one up on the website.

Capital Improvement Program
Mr. Holmes asked if the CIP worksheet could be simplified. Asking if the department heads needed to come in to discuss what they will be asking for.
Ms. Ogilvie explained that it is not always easy to get the heads into Town Hall.
Mr. Edwards told the Board that the Selectmen and Town Administrator Hanson will be
looking closely to this year’s CIP with the intention of seeing if any of the department heads appear to be having issues getting their proposals together.
Ms. Giffin explained that it was not the Department heads that were the problem, it was trying to get the CIP committee together to work in the plan.
The Planning Board would like the first meeting no later than the second week in May.
Mr. Holmes would like to have a meeting with the Select board for them to establish
what it is the CIP committee is trying to do and what would the Selectmen like to see
have done. Mr. Edwards wanted to know if the Board wanted to the Selectmen to respond,
because he emphasized that it is the Planning Boards responsibility to prepare the CIP.
Mr. Holmes said they would like feedback on goals, time frame on these goals and
have the Selectmen give the CIP a process to get to. What is going to be in the CIP is
something the Selectmen and the Planning Board need to come to an agreement on.

  • NH Business Review Article.
  • Wetlands permit for Solar Garden
Reminder that it is not to late to sign up for the OEP Conference!

Preservation of Rock Walls
Ms. Ogilvie will look into this for Mr. Holmes.

Motion:   Ms. Cahoon made a motion to adjourn. Ms. Rosansky  seconded the motion.
Vote:  By a voice vote, all agreed.

Meeting adjourned    8:45 PM
Respectfully Submitted By,
Colleen Giffin, Planning

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