Town of Antrim, NH
General Information
You may have some idea of the type of police work you wish to do. However, the duties of a police officer are much more extensive than most people realize.
In addition to graduating from the Academy as a police officer, you will also complete a 960-hour, 24 week Field Training Program with the Antrim Police Department. You will receive a large amount of training in police work and will have gained the skills necessary to perform your duties.

The Antrim Police Department is a full-time police department. There are 4 full-time police officers and several part-time police officers. Although the Antrim Police Department does not have specialized units as Vice, Homicide, Robbery and Burglary, we pride ourselves on being a well rounded department, giving all officers the training and skills necessary to handle a wide array of incidents, investigations and crimes.
Conditions that may be encountered
During this period, your training will be ongoing and your performance will be continually monitored. You will not be eligible for special details or overtime shifts during this time.

Policing can be challenging and there are aspects of the work which require patience and excellent interpersonal skills. Shift work is an integral part of an officer's life. There are exciting career opportunities for those who seek promotion, depending on job performance and leadership potential.

The Antrim Police Department recognizes the need for ongoing training and staff development. Officers are encouraged to participate in those specialist courses which can lead ultimately to responsibilities in specialized areas or promotions.

Where could a career with the Antrim Police Department lead?
The Antrim Police Department has a wide range of duties, which officers may undertake during their career. These duties are administered within the major portfolio groups of Traffic and Operations Support, Crime Support, and Professional Standards.  These duties include:

Crime Prevention
General Investigation
Child Abuse Investigation
Missing Persons Investigation
Drug Crime Investigation
Crime Scene Investigation
Burglary Investigation
Firearms Instructor
Evidence Technician
Traffic Control
Juvenile Services
Training and Development
Citizens' Police Academy
Recruiting and Marketing

The next step
With all these opportunities ahead of you, it is now time to move on to the next page and find out if you can meet the criteria to make an application to join the Antrim Police Department.

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