Town of Antrim, NH
Selection of Recruits
Selection of recruits for appointment with the Antrim Police Department is an ongoing process and dependent on the needs of the agency.

The Selection and Review Panel consists of members of the Antrim Police Department and other relevant personnel as may be considered necessary, to make an unbiased selection of the most suitable persons from the pool.

In selecting recruits, consideration is given to their integrity, honesty, evaluation results, interview outcomes and general information provided or obtained during the application process. This information is available to each panel member from the application files maintained throughout the application process. The applicant is not present during this selection process.

The highest results in the entrance or physical evaluation, interview or psychological tests do not necessarily mean automatic selection, however they do increase the opportunity to be considered for selection. As such, it is in the best interests of any applicant to ensure that they are fully conversant with the application process and have prepared themselves to the best of their ability prior to submitting an application to join the Antrim Police Department.

The successful applicants now become prospective candidates for employment and after the background investigation, will be notified in writing of their selection.