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With this checklist, you can systematically evaluate your security needs and plan
corrections which are needed. Any questions which are answered "no" should be
seen as a warning of a security weakness.

1. Is your home well lighted by street or yard lights?
2. Have you trimmed trees or shrubs which could screen any burglary activity from your neighbors?
3. Is your address clearly visible to neighbors and patrolling officers?
4. Do you secure tools, yard equipment, bicycles, plants, or lawn furniture instead of leaving it in your yard?
5. Are all ladders or stackable items secured so they cannot be used in burglary attempts.
6. Do you have solid core exterior doors?
7. Are door hinges constructed or located so that hinge pins cannot be removed from the outside?
8. Are all doors designed so that the lock cannot be reached and opened by breaking glass or lightweight panels?
9. Are your doors and frames so constructed that entry cannot be gained by spreading the frame?
10. Do you have peephole viewers installed in all solid doors?
11. Do you always close and lock your garage doors even if you are home?
12. Have you removed all spare or hidden keys from outside your residence which could be used by a burglar?
13. Do you keep your doors locked even when home?
14. Do you habitually removed keys from your cars with particular attention given to key security for house keys?
15. Do you have deadbolt locks installed in addition to normal low security units?
16. Are your high security locks constructed to protect against a twisting or prying attack?
17. Have your locks been re-keyed since you purchased your home?
18. Are all windows which can be reached from outside protected from a prying or lifting attack?
19. Are all sliding doors strengthened by top shims, pinning, or track bars?
20. Do you have a current inventory of all valuables by make, model, serial number and description?
21. Do you actively cooperate with neighbors to watch for suspicious activity in your neighborhood?
22. Do you register your house with the Police Department Vacation Property Check Program (532-7865) when you are planning to go out of town?
23. Do you readily report any suspicious activity to the police for immediate investigation?

For more information on making your home secure,
contact the Antrim Police Department at (603) 588-6613

Town of Antrim, NH P.O. Box 517, 66 Main Street Antrim, NH 03440
Phone: (603) 588-6785    Fax: (603) 588-2969    Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 4:00pm
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