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September 2017 Calls For Service
09/01/2017  -  Friday

17-2782         1820    Fraud / Forgery Services Rendered               
       Primary Id:    D Patrolman John F Giffin II
 Location/Address:    [01 01] ANTRIM POLICE DEPARTMENT - MAIN ST
A citizen called to advise they thought they were duped in a
phone scam. They advised they were told they had a warrant
for their arrest and needed to get a cash card and
provide the card numbers to the caller which they did. I
advised the person to write a statement and bring it to the
PD which they agreed to do.

09/03/2017  -  Sunday

17-2793         0800    Assist Ambulance        Services Rendered               
       Primary Id:    B Sergeant Brian K Lord
 Location/Address:    BRIMSTONE CORNER RD
Assisted as needed with a person having a seizure. CWOI.

17-2796         1840    Alarm-Burglar   False Alarm             
       Primary Id:    D Patrolman John F Giffin II
 Location/Address:    KEENE RD
Dispatch advised of an alarm going off at the above
property. The alarm company advised it was inside motion.
Checked the building and found it to be secure. No key
holder available. CWOI

09/04/2017  -  Monday

17-2804         1300    Arrest-motor vehicle offence    Arrest          
       Primary Id:    B Sergeant Brian K Lord
 Location/Address:    HILLSBORO TOWN LINE - KEENE RD
          Vehicle:    GRY 2013 FORD PU F-150  Reg: PASS MA 893256
         Operator:    MOSKE, BRIAN WILLIAM @  ALLSON, MA 02134
While on patrol on Keene Rd performing stationary radar I
observed a grey pickup truck in a line of traffic pull out
and pass the vehicle in front of it. Said vehicle began
passing in a nonpassing zone and increased in speed staying
out in the opposite lane for an extended period of time.
Also at this time a line of traffic was coming at him. Said
traffic had to slow down considerably to allow the truck
room to move back into its own lane. I made a stop of the
truck and subsequently issued the male driver a must appear
summons for Reckless/Negligent Operation with a court date
of 10/14/17 at 0815 hours at the Hillsboro District court.

       Refer To Summons:    17-115-AR
          Summons:    MOSKE, BRIAN WILLIAM     
           Address:    ALLSON, MA
              Age:    26
          Charges:    RECKLESS OPERATION
                      NEGLIGENT DRIVING

09/05/2017  -  Tuesday

17-2816         1532    Motor Vehicle Crash     Report Taken            
       Primary Id:    A Chief Scott R Lester
 Location/Address:    [01 68] ANTRIM MARKETPLACE - MAIN ST
    Calling Party:    ANTRIM MARKETPLACE
    Involved Party:    DH HARDWICK & SONS 603-588-6618
                      HARDWICK, DON
           Vehicle:    WHI 2016 NISS SU ROGUE  Reg: VET NH V33594  
             Owner:    LABIER, GENE F @ HILLSBORO, NH 03244
          Vehicle:    TEA 2015 TA 4900EXG  Reg: APP NH 2706AP  
          Operator:    ALLEN, JAMES @ DEERING, NH 03244
            Owner:    DH HARDWICK & SONS @  BENNINGTON, NH 03442

For Date: 09/06/2017  -  Wednesday

17-2817         0915    Motor Vehicle Stop      Arrest          
       Primary Id:    D Patrolman John F Giffin II
 Location/Address:    CONCORD ST + OLD CONCORD RD
   Involved Party:    GORDON, SUSAN A
           Vehicle:    BLU 2016 FORD SU ESCAPE  Reg: CONSV NH 135C0
         Operator:    GORDON, SUSAN A @  ANTRIM, NH 03440
            Owner:    GORDON, JOHN R @  ANTRIM, NH 03440
While on patrol following a line of traffic containing a
tractor trailer, a bus and 2 other cars, I watched the car
in front of me pass all the vehicles in front of it, in
heavy rain while going into a no passing zone in an
intersection. The oncoming cars had to pull into the break
down lane to avoid a collision. Mrs. Gordon was subsequently
placed under arrest for Negligent driving. Mrs. Gordon was
released on a summons to appear in the 6th Circuit Court
Hillsboro on 11-2-17 at 8:15 a.m.

        Refer To Summons:    17-116-AR
          Summons:    GORDON, SUSAN A     
           Address:    ANTRIM, NH
              Age:    61
          Charges:    NEGLIGENT DRIVING

09/12/2017  -  Tuesday

17-2897         0905    Assist Motorist / DMV   Services Rendered               
       Primary Id:    D Patrolman John F Giffin II
 Location/Address:    CLINTON RD
Dispatch advised there was a vehicle half in the ditch and
half in the roadway near the above address. I responded and
found the vehicle stuck in the deep ditch with the front end
out in the travel lane. The operator had left. I attempted
to call the operator several times with no contact. Mike's
Towing was called to remove the vehicle. The owner of the
vehicle arrived as it was being removed. The operator was a
valid driver with no wants. CWOI

09/14/2017  -  Thursday

17-2931         0715    Arrest-motor vehicle offence    Summons Issued          
       Primary Id:    C Corporal Ethan J Vaillancourt
 Location/Address:    KEENE RD
Calling/Inv. Party:    OBRIEN, JOHN J
           Vehicle:    BLK 2013 CHRY 4D 200  Reg: PASS NH 3799029
         Operator:    OBRIEN, JOHN J @ 185 PATCH RD - HENNIKER, NH 03242
Stopped a brown in color Chrysler for speeding during a
speed grant detail.  Issued a summons for speed and a summons
for Negligent Driving.

       Refer To Summons:    17-117-AR
          Summons:    OBRIEN, JOHN J     
           Address:    HENNIKER, NH
              Age:    40
          Charges:    SPEED - BASIC RULE
                      NEGLIGENT DRIVING

17-2932         2047    Arrest-Criminal Arrest          
       Primary Id:    C Corporal Ethan J Vaillancourt
 Location/Address:    MAIN ST
Calling/Inv. Party:    PHILLIPS, KAYLA
    Involved Party:    BELCHER, THOMAS J
           Vehicle:    SIL 2009 TOYT 4D COROLLA  Reg: PASS NH 3575005
Kayla Phillips called 911 to report someone overdosing on
heroin in the back of the town hall parking lot.  I
responded and found Thomas Belcher actively overdosing on
the ground just outside of his silver Toyota Corolla.  
Antrim ambulance responded and revived him with Narcan.  He
refused transport or any further medical treatment.  
Subsequent investigation revealed that he was a convicted
felon in possession of metalic knuckles. He was arrested for
such without incident.  

         Refer To Arrest:    17-118-AR
           Arrest:    BELCHER, THOMAS J     
           Address:    BENNINGTON, NH
              Age:    29

Brenda Wesoly responded and set his bail at $5,000 P.R. and
was released with a summons to appear before the
Hillsborough Superior Court- North, on 09/28/2017 at 1300
hours.  See arrest report.

09/17/2017  -  Sunday

17-2955         0917    Motor Vehicle Crash     Report Taken            
       Primary Id:    B Sergeant Brian K Lord
 Location/Address:    CONCORD ST + OLD CONCORD RD
Calling/Inv. Party:    JARVIS, VANESSA M
           Vehicle:    RED 2015 TOYT 4D COROLLA  Reg: PASS NH 3883541  
             Towed:    For: Accident By: Mike's Towing To: Mike's Towing
         Operator:    JARVIS, VANESSA M @ HILLSBORO, NH 03244
Dispatch advising of a mv crash on Rt 202 near Cross Rd,
Upon arrival I found the crash further north near Old
Concord Rd. I observed a single vehicle, a red Toyota
Corolla, bearing NH registration 3883541, with heavy crush
contact damage with air bag deployment. The female driver,
Ms. Jarvis, stated she was not injured and refused medical

       Refer To Accident:    17-38-AC

09/21/2017  -  Thursday

17-3030         1410    Arrest-Warrant  Arrest          
       Primary Id:    D Patrolman John F Giffin II
 Location/Address:    [01 01] ANTRIM POLICE DEPARTMENT - MAIN ST
    Calling Party:    SQUIRES, MISTY

         Refer To Arrest:    17-120-AR
           Arrest:    SQUIRES, MISTY      
           Address:    ANTRIM, NH
              Age:    31
          Charges:    BENCH WARRANT

09/22/2017  -  Friday

17-3046         1730    Motor Vehicle Crash     Report Taken            
       Primary Id:    C Corporal Ethan J Vaillancourt
 Location/Address:    BRIMSTONE CORNER RD
           Vehicle:    WHI 2012 TOYT SU HIGHLANDER  Reg: PASS FL 854MHS  
          Operator:    CHARLTON, NANCY L @ PORT ORANGE, FL
            Owner:    CHARLTON, NANCY L @ PORT ORANGE, FL
Dispatch advised of a motor vehicle crash, car verses moose
on Brimstone Corner Rd.  I responded and made contact with
the driver, Nancy, a Florida resident.  She advised that as
she was driving down the road that a moose ran out and
struck the side of her car.  She was not injured, but the
moose sustained a broken leg.  I located the moose in the
woods and dispatched it.  NHFG Capt. Walsh arrived and
provided a tag for the moose that was given to a male party
who responded and collected the moose.

      Refer To Incident:    17-119-OF
      Refer To Accident:    17-39-AC

09/26/2017  -  Tuesday

17-3101         1221    Motor Vehicle Lockout   Services Rendered               
       Primary Id:    A Chief Scott R Lester
 Location/Address:    [01 101] SOBRIETY CENTER OF NH - MAIN ST
Access gained.

17-3107         1810    Arrest-Warrant  Arrest          
       Primary Id:    D Patrolman John F Giffin II
 Location/Address:    [01 01] ANTRIM POLICE DEPARTMENT - MAIN ST
   Involved Party:    RAJANIEMI, MANDY
Hancock Police advised they had a person stopped that had an
active warrant out of our department. I went to Hancock and
picked up Ms. Rajaniemi.

         Refer To Arrest:    17-123-AR
           Arrest:    RAJANIEMI, MANDY M     
           Address:    ANTRIM, NH
              Age:    41
          Charges:    ISSUING BAD CHECKS

Ms. Rajaniemi was released on $1000 personal recognizance
bail and given a court date of 11-2-17 at the 6th Circuit
Court Hillsboro.

09/28/2017  -  Thursday

17-3123         1030    Assist Ambulance        Services Rendered               
       Primary Id:    B Sergeant Brian K Lord
 Location/Address:    FAIRVIEW AVE
Elderly male with facial injuries. Subject fell last night,
and was found this morning by his son-in-law.

17-3129         1855    Motor Vehicle Complaint Refered to Another Agenc                
       Primary Id:    C Corporal Ethan J Vaillancourt
 Location/Address:    KEENE RD
    Calling Party:    ***UNKNOWN***
Dispatch advised of a motor vehicle complaint on a maroon or
black stepside truck that came back registered out of
Winchester heading west on RT9 from Hillsboro and was
passing cars on a double yellow line.  I advised that I was
out of position and to pass it along to NHSP.

09/29/2017  -  Friday

17-3137         0740    Assist Ambulance        Services Rendered               
       Primary Id:    B Sergeant Brian K Lord
 Location/Address:    ELM AVE
    Calling Party:    ***UNKNOWN***
Assisted the Antrim Ambulance with a lift assist for a
female who had fallen.

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