Town of Antrim, NH
Vision Statement

Antrim Police Department
Vision Statement

The Antrim Police Department will strive to be the finest and most professional police department, delivering the highest level of service and dedication to our community.
We will ensure that our officers bridge the gap between citizens and police forging a positive relationship based on integrity, compassion, understanding, fairness and respect to all.
All employees and members of the community will be treated equally and with respect regardless of race, religion, sex, or political beliefs.
We will continuously reevaluate our current status and ensure that we are on the “cutting edge” of law enforcement
concepts, ideas, technology, training, and education.
All employees will be encouraged to work toward and achieve their greatest potential both personally and professionally. Leadership, hard work, inventiveness, ingenuity, courage, enthusiasm, and dedication to exceed expectations will be expected, acknowledged and rewarded.