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TIF District Meeting Minutes 10/30/04
Minutes of Downtown Antrim TIF District Advisory Board
Main Street Rehabilitation Project Walk-Through
Saturday, Oct. 30, 2004
Town Hall


Present: Bill Prokop, Rick Edmunds, Bob Edwards, TIF District Advisory Board; David Essex, District Administrator; Peter Pitsas, Senior Project Engineer, Underwood Engineers Inc.; Spencer Garrett, resident. Absent: Rick Davis, TIF District Advisory Board.

The TIF board and administrator met informally with Pitsas at 8:30 a.m. for a briefing on recent developments. Upon opening the meeting at 9 a.m., Essex introduced Pitsas, Garrett (the local consultant for the project), the members of the board, and Sen. Bob Flanders, thanking the senator for arranging with NH DOT to have Route 202 resurfaced upon completion of the sidewalk project. Pitsas then explained what the project will accomplish and an approximate schedule leading to completion next spring. Members of the public asked questions. Karen Bennett and Andras Lazar mentioned their concerns about sight lines at Summer and Main Streets and the tendency of people to turn around in their driveway while the Summer Street bridge is closed.

Prior to the walk-thru, Peter Pitsas of Underwood Engineers marked out the location of the proposed curb line and back side of the sidewalk along the entire project area.  The walk-thru started at the library and then moved to Prospect Street where it continued along Main Street to West Street.  During the walk-thru Peter Pitsas noted the following:
·       Sidewalk improvements north of the library entrance are being proposed so they tie into the improvements on the south side of the entrance.
·       The sidewalk in front of the library will be widened, lowered, and moved further away from the road.  The stairs and lawn in front of the library will have to be modified to accept the new sidewalk location.  The stairs leading to the street will be removed.
·       The sidewalk improvements will continue in front of the old Aiken house and end at Aiken Street.  The location of the proposed sidewalk will be a little closer to the existing curb line than what was shown on the last drawings in an effort to minimize regrading work on the east side of the sidewalk.
·       The existing side slope on the south side of the intersection with Aiken Street will be cleared and modified to improve sight distance.
·       The walk-thru proceeded to Prospect Street.  Proposed sidewalks will be located such that there will be a buffer between them and existing retaining walls in an effort to protect the walls during winter plowing.
·       The distance between the roadway white line and existing sidewalks vary throughout the project area.  The design locates the new sidewalk at a uniform distance from the white line.  Due to existing features, the distance varies in different area (i.e. the distance between Prospect Street and Pleasant Street is 4.5’ and the distance between Pleasant Street and High Street is 5.0’).
·       Depending upon the cost of the project, as compared to project funding, portions of the project may not be completed next year, but may be included in a future project.  One area that may be eliminated is between Prospect Street and Pleasant Street.
·       Some poles will have to be relocated.
·       Question from a resident.  “What will happen to existing catch basin grates?  Some are located in a hole.”  Most catch basin grates will be adjusted such that they are located approximately 1” below the final pavement elevation.
·       The sidewalk will run along Goodell Park and terminate at the driveway curb cut for House #34.
·       Question from a resident.  “Where will each individual driveway curb cut be located?”  Approximately at the end of each driveway flare, but the final design has not been completed.
·       Question from a resident.  “Will a new guardrail be installed at the pond?”  The design does not presently include one.
·       Question from a resident.  “Will the sidewalk have sloped ends to meet ADA (American Disability Act) requirements?”  Yes, at sidewalk ends and crosswalks; however, due to the slope of the existing road, some of the sidewalks may be too steep (i.e. from the Antrim Mill to High Street).
·       The culvert pipe that runs into the pond by High Street will be removed and a new pipe will be installed southerly along Main Street which will discharge into the brook below House #34.
·       An additional catch basin is proposed on the north side of the intersection with High Street.  This catch basin will capture water that is presently flowing across the intersection into the pond which creates an ice problem during cold weather.  This catch basin will be tied into the catch basin on the south side of the intersection.
·       The shoulder of the road north of High Street will be widened to create a uniform shoulder width from the Antrim Mill to High Street.  This would also allow traffic to pull off of the road before making a right turn onto High Street.
·       The sidewalk along the Antrim Mill parking lot will be located such that the back side of the sidewalk will remain in its present location.  This is proposed to eliminate possible conflicts with the existing retaining wall.
·       The curb reveal (i.e. how much of the curb will be seen vertically) will vary slightly throughout the project area due to the elevation of tie-in points along buildings and other existing features.  The design goal is to have a 7” reveal so when the NHDOT overlays the road next year, the final reveal will be 6”.
·       If the existing sidewalk extends to a building, then the new sidewalk will also be extended to the building.  The only exception may be at the Antrim Mill where structural deficiencies may not allow this to be done.
·       The curb cut for the Antrim Video parking lot will be reduced to 22’ (it is presently approximately 55’ wide).  The curb cut will be in the middle of the parking lot and will outline parking on both sides of the lot.
·       The Antrim Video parking lot will be repaved.
·       Homeowners who request to have landscaping logs and such replaced should let the Town know so they can be incorporated into the design.
·       Formal parking will start on the west side of the Main Street by the hydrant that is located in front of the Antrim Mill and end in front of the Baptist Church.  
·       Formal parking will start on the east side of the Main Street just north of the library entrance and end at the southernmost entrance to the Ocean National Bank.  The back side of the parking area will have a new granite curb.
·       The sidewalk improvements will continue down Summer Street to School Street.  The improvements will consist of a new granite curb and asphalt sidewalk.  All of Summer Street will be repaved due to the replacement of the water and drainage lines.
·       A “No Parking Zone” will be painted on both sides of Summer Street intersection and on both sides of the Post Office entrance to improve sight distance and make the intersections safer.
·       Question from a resident.  “Will there be parking between the Post Office entrance and the driveway for the Inn?”  No, there is not enough room to include a space after the “No Parking Zone” is painted.
·       No improvements will be made in front of the Town Hall.
·       Due to the location of the curb in front of the Town Hall and the desire to maintain a somewhat consistent curbline, the one parking space in front of Apple Shed Realty will be 7’ wide instead of 8’ wide.  
·       During final design it may be determined that a curb will not be placed along the sidewalk in front of the Antrim Marketplace Store due to the elevation of the building in reference to the road.  If a curb is not installed, the sidewalk will be pained to define its limit.
·       The initial design included a modified traffic flow pattern of the Antrim Marketplace parking lot.  This modification included having a common entrance and exit.  The consensus of the individuals present was to not make the modifications.  One resident said that a prior decision was made to have separate entrance and exit locations for safety reasons.
·       In an effort to include parallel parking on both sides of the road in front of the Baptist Church, a roadway centerline realignment is proposed.  The new centerline would be roughly located at the crown of the existing road.  The realignment allows for the sidewalk and parking area to be roughly located within the existing paved limits.  The realignment starts at the southernmost part of Route 31 and 202 intersection and continues to West Street.
·       Question from a resident.  “Will the design address the poor drainage in front of the Baptist Church and Post Office?”  Yes.
·       Slight changes may be made to the intersection of West Street to reduce the size of the roadway’s southernmost flare which in turn will reduce the crosswalk length and make the intersection safer.  Additionally, this would allow the stop sign to be located in a more visible area.
·       The homeowner of House #3 West Street was not concerned about the design working around the large tree in front of the house.  She actually said that the tree could be taken down.
·       The homeowner of House #3 West Street was not concerned about the proposed design which notes the sidewalk being moved back 15-18” onto the existing grass area.  The homeowner requested to have one of the existing signs relocated.
·       Question from a resident.  “Will the low areas at crosswalks be eliminated?  These low areas allow for the buildup of ice and slush in the winter and water in the summer.”  Yes, when the sidewalks are reconstructed, the low areas will be eliminated.
·       Improvements along West Street will include a new granite curb and asphalt sidewalk along the edge of the existing road.  This includes the area between Jameson and School Street where the existing sidewalk is located off of the road.  
·       Improvements along School Street will be approximately 250’ long in an effort to widen the sidewalk behind the existing baseball backstop.
·       Improvements along Route 31 will continue from West Street to Elm Street.  A new granite curb and asphalt sidewalk will be constructed 3.5’ off the edge of the existing white line from West Street to a point on the south side of the church near Grove Street.  From the church to Elm Street, a new granite curb and asphalt sidewalk will be constructed 10’ off the edge of the white line so parallel parking can be incorporated.  To incorporate this parking, the existing sidewalk will have to be moved back approximately 2-3’.  It was decided during the initial design not to reduce the parking width in an attempt to reduce impacts on private property due to the speed in which traffic comes around the corner by North Main Street.

Respectfully submitted, Peter Pitsas, David Essex

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