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TIF District Meeting Minutes 04/28/2005
Members present: D. Essex, R. Edmunds, R. Edwards, J. White, W. Prokop and guest S. Garrett.
The first topic of discussion was a review of the final sidewalk plans. The contract has been approved by the state, it is signed by the contractor and the Board of Selectmen, and a detail review of it was conducted earlier in the day with the following parties; PSNH, TDS Telecom, J. Lyman, P. Pitsas, D. Essex, S. Garrett, J. Parsons, B. Pratt, and W. Prokop. Construction is scheduled to begin in the next 2-3 weeks and it is expected to take 8-10 weeks for completion.
The board has asked for further clarification from Underwood Engineers on the following items: 1. are the base and 2” asphalt overlay enough and will they provide good-long lasting sidewalks? 2. The contract calls for 400 Ft. of concrete sidewalks, basically adding to what exist in front of the Town Hall. The general feeling of the board was that we should at least continue them north to the driveway of the old gas station and south to at least Summer Street. S. Garrett advised the group that that would be about 200 ft. total. The question raised was what would be the additional cost to continue them A. all the way to High Street, or B. to the Antrim Video parking lot? (Since the meeting it was pointed out that with all the asphalt in front of Edmund’s and the walkway to the café, that from appearance point of view asphalt with granite curbing may fit in better in that area). 3. Can the decorative lights be purchased in a dark green color (a shade that is deep and close to black)? These questions have been sent to P. Pitsas for review and comment.
The board after some discussion agreed to contact SWRPC and to advise them that we would like to apply for additional TE funds in the upcoming round of grants. Some projects discussed to possibly be included were overlay sidewalks on east side of Main Street, additional decorative lights, continue sidewalks down 202 from the 202/31 intersection to McCabe Forest, a river walk from High Street to Summer Street, and a sidewalk from School Street to the new recreation land. The board will discuss with the community at large other transportation enhancement ideas and when we get the application from SWRPC we will develop a final concept and plan. Jeff Porter of SWRPC has been advised of our interest and will work with us on preparing the application.
The board then discussed various downtown projects, buildings, and programs that we should consider to improve the appearance of Main Street. The committee members will approach several of the business owners to see if the TIF Advisory Board can be helpful,
Or if we could somehow bring some interested parties together. Owners of the buildings on Main Street that still need improvements will be approached by TIF Advisory Board members to see if we can assist in getting them to complete their improvement plans.
W. Prokop will follow up with Main Line Graphics to have them finalize a “signage” plan and cost for the Downtown. This will then be reviewed at our next TIF meeting.
The board agreed to look at the TIF and Economic sections of the Master Plan and to give their comments on changes and or additions that should be made. Comments should be sent to W. Prokop by June 1st. These will then be given to R. Haggett who is heading up the Master Plan review for the Planning Board.
A discussion took place on the possible establishment of a second TIF district. It was felt that this should be put off for at least another year. This will give us an opportunity to see what has been accomplished within our present district, to review growth needs, and to decide if the TIF district in its present form should continue at all. It will be important to see what the residents really feel.
The committee than discussed the need to have one more person on our committee. Several names were discussed as potential candidates. It was agreed to first ask Ms. Monica Steele if she would be willing to serve on the committee. (Ms. Steele has since agreed to serve) She will be approved at the next Selectmen’s meeting on May 9th.
After some general discussion the meeting adjourned at 9:30 P.M.
Respectively submitted:
William Prokop

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