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TIF District Meeting Minutes 11/13/07


Members present: D. Essex, R. Edwards, M. Steele, W. Prokop.
Members absent: R. Edmunds, J. White

The board reviewed and accepted the minutes of the meeting of 6/07.

The board first discussed the letter and e-mails that were received from N. Lee Campbell of 17 Concord Street. Mr. Campbell is against the previously approved Phase II, sidewalk project. The committee asked W. Prokop to give them a summary of the concerns and discussions that have taken place with Mr. Campbell. W. Prokop explained that Mr. Campbell and several neighbors went on the walk thru that was held by Underwood Engineers. This showed how much the sidewalk would have to shift towards the homes, because of the requirements of NH DOT and the fact that the property was all within the state Right of Way. This was a real and understandable concern of the residents. So, Underwood Engineers went back to look at the possibility and cost to moving the project across the street, so as to have minimal impact on the homes on Concord Street. It showed that this can be done but would cost an additional $7,000. However, the state would have to approve the revised plan. This plan would provide the beautification and traffic calming improvements that are desired.

W. Prokop has met with and had several e-mail exchanges with L. Campbell regarding the formation of TIF and to provide him with an understanding as to how it works. This information was provided to him along with information about Warrant Article # 3 that was passed at the 2004 Town Meeting which approved TIF and Town funds in the amount of $185,000. W. Prokop advised the board that he invited L. Campbell to attend the TIF meeting and/or the Selectmen’s meeting to express his concerns and reasons for not wanting the project to proceed. After a few discussion and e-mails L. Campbell felt that the TIF Advisory Board could not help him. W. Prokop provided him the names and addresses of the TIF board members, the Board of Selectmen, and Peter Pitsas of Underwood Engineers. It appears that L. Campbell is concerned about speeding traffic and that somehow the sidewalk project would encourage speeding, lower the value of his home, and be a problem for him and his neighbors. This however, this is speculation, W. Prokop said, because L. Campbell has not personally met with the Board of Selectmen or the TIF Board to personally express his specific objections. He did advise M. Steele in an e-mail that he is having a neighborhood meeting on this on Thursday evening, November 15th, 2007. L. Campbell also feels that there is not enough speed enforcement on this section of Concord Street. (Information obtained after our meeting shows the following, for 2007; 33 arrests, and 478 warnings have been given out on that part of Concord Street so far this year, and that this part of Antrim is known by area “truckers” as a speed trap.) Again, this information was not available until after the meeting.

After some discussion the T.I.F. board felt that the revised plans should be developed by Underwood Engineers and that another public hearing should be held to show the residents what is planned and to seek their input. The board would encourage the plan to go forward.

The board then reviewed and discussed the projects that have been planned for next year.
After discussion about various projects the Board concluded that it will propose only three projects for 2008:

1. The possible purchase of the Antrim Garage property.
2. To set aside $30,000 for our share of Phase II of the sidewalk project.
3. To give back to the Town’s General Fund $30-$40,000 to be used to    offset some of the major infrastructure expenses of the Town.

The Board also discussed keeping active the façade improvement program that will be taking place next year and to keep the funding level the same as this past year.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m. The next meeting will be in January of 2008.

Respectively submitted:

William Prokop-Administrator

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