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Recycling these materials is mandatory in Antrim and a great way to contribute to a safe town.

l Glass - All glass bottles and jars - Washed of all food residue - Please throw out caps.
l Aluminum Cans - Becerage cans, aluminum food tims and foil - Empty, washed/no food residue.
l Steel or Tin Cans - Food tins, aerosol cans - Empty, washed/no food residue.
l Plastic Bottles - PETE containers (clear soda/juice bottles) - Empty, washed/no food residue. Please throw out caps.
l Plastic Jugs - HDPE Mild jugs, many detergent bottles - Empty, washed/no food residue. Please throw out caps.
l Fluorescent Bulbs - All sizes - See Attendant
l Mixed Paper - Anything that tears: Cereal boxes, newsprint, office paper, magazines - Free of food or animal waste.
l Corrugated Cardboard - Double-walled boxes - We cannot accept dirty, oily or wax-coated cardboard.
l Scrap Metal - Car parts, metal roofing, bicycles, pipe, empty and dry paint cans, pots, pans, nails - Free of all non-metal parts. See Fee Rates for appliances.
l Used Motor Oil and Transmission Fluid - All used motor oil and transmission fluid - Free of any other material (i.e. no water or antifreeze)
l Leaves/Yard Waste - Grass clippings, leaves, pine needles - Free of all food waste
l Fire Ashes - Any ash - Completely cooled.
l Batteries: Rechargeable Only - Rechargeable AAs, AAAs, Cs, Ds, camcorder, telephone batteries and battery packs.

l Toxic material, pesticides, non-organic fertilizer, poisons, solvents MUST be disposed of at a Household Hazard Waste Day only.
Please watch for notice of date at the A.R.T.S on the this web site.

Town of Antrim, NH P.O. Box 517, 66 Main Street Antrim, NH 03440
Phone: (603) 588-6785    Fax: (603) 588-2969    Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 4:00pm
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