Town of Antrim, NH
Recycling these materials is mandatory in Antrim and a great way to contribute to a safe town.

l Glass - All glass bottles and jars - Washed of all food residue - Please throw out caps.
l Aluminum Cans - Becerage cans, aluminum food tims and foil - Empty, washed/no food residue.
l Steel or Tin Cans - Food tins, aerosol cans - Empty, washed/no food residue.
l Plastic Bottles - PETE containers (clear soda/juice bottles) - Empty, washed/no food residue. Please throw out caps.
l Plastic Jugs - HDPE Mild jugs, many detergent bottles - Empty, washed/no food residue. Please throw out caps.
l Fluorescent Bulbs - All sizes - See Attendant
l Mixed Paper - Anything that tears: Cereal boxes, newsprint, office paper, magazines - Free of food or animal waste.
l Corrugated Cardboard - Double-walled boxes - We cannot accept dirty, oily or wax-coated cardboard.
l Scrap Metal - Car parts, metal roofing, bicycles, pipe, empty and dry paint cans, pots, pans, nails - Free of all non-metal parts. See Fee Rates for appliances.
l Used Motor Oil and Transmission Fluid - All used motor oil and transmission fluid - Free of any other material (i.e. no water or antifreeze)
l Leaves/Yard Waste - Grass clippings, leaves, pine needles - Free of all food waste
l Fire Ashes - Any ash - Completely cooled.
l Batteries: Rechargeable Only - Rechargeable AAs, AAAs, Cs, Ds, camcorder, telephone batteries and battery packs.

l Toxic material, pesticides, non-organic fertilizer, poisons, solvents MUST be disposed of at a Household Hazard Waste Day only.
Please watch for notice of date at the A.R.T.S on the this web site.