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Water & Sewer Min May & June 2017
Antrim Water & Sewer

May 1, 2017 - 17:30 hrs.
In Attendance: Matt Miller- Superintendent, Eric Tenney – bookkeeper,
Melissa Lombard & Sam Harding- Antrim Water & Sewer Commissioners

  • Review of Proposal from Geo Insight for drilling of test well(s) on the Antrim Sewer & Water
  • land located in Bennington. It was decided to table any action on the proposal until next meeting.
  • Melissa to review further and to discuss with DES further options.
  • Matt Miller indicated that DES would be in contact and review plant operation
  • Review and approved all operational invoices and any abatements.

Meeting adjourned at 19:00

Antrim Sewer & Water

June 5, 2017 - 17:30 hrs.
In Attendance: Matt Miller- Superintendent, Bob Edwards- Antrim Selectman “Ex-Officio”,
Melissa Lombard & Sam Harding- Antrim Water  & Sewer Commissioners

  • Melissa followed up with review of the Geo Insight proposal; spoke to Cindy Klevens at NH DES small public water systems office, to discuss available assistance in our well water search.
  • LIDAR mapping of the potential well area in question was reviewed; it would appear that our options for good water sites are limited and known.
  • It was determined the next step would be a walk about with Staff, Commissioners, Selectmen and Geo Insight personnel to consider test well drilling sites on and or near Antrim Water & Sewer property in Bennington. Matt Miller to coordinate scheduling.
  • Matt Miller indicated that the staff would like to take over snow plowing and it was approved and voted to take out of our “current budget” funds…to purchase a new snow plow. A S &W staff to mount on one of the trucks.
  • Matt Miller indicated that the recent visit from DES, brought to our attention that a leak detection program was available and that might be a completely funded program, Matt to look into.
  • Matt indicated that the same DES personnel brought to his attention funding available for Asset Management Programs. The State is strongly suggesting departments participate in some form of a program. Indicated that it could be a likely requirement for some State and Federal funding applications in the future, to have a program in place.
  • Matt and Sam to attend June 6, a Granite State Rural Water Association training seminar on Sustainable Management of Small Rural Water & Wastewater Systems, to include information on establishing and implementing an Asset Management Program.

Meeting adjourned at 19:20

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