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Job Description:  Performs building and grounds cleaning, and general maintenance work in and on Town buildings.
 Performs minor equipment and facilities repair work.  
Accountability:  Reports to the Town Administrator, who assigns areas of responsibility, outlines policy, reviews work in progress,
and/or completion, and provides instructions as necessary.  Duties are performed according to established and specified procedures.
Equipment Used:  Buffing machines; vacuum cleaners; mowers; snow blowers; various tools associated with general cleaning and maintenance services, including light power equipment.
Environment:            Inside 70%              Outside 30%
Duties and Responsibilities:  Except as specifically noted, the following functions are considered essential to this position.
Responsible for the overall maintenance and cleaning of all Town facilities and grounds.  Primary building responsibilities are the Town Hall
and Police Station on a daily basis, the Fire Station, occasionally the North Branch Fire House and Highway garage once a week and removal
of trash from the library as needed. The town beach on a seasonal basis.
Develops an overall maintenance schedule for each facility, updating the plan as necessary based on changes in need and use of buildings.
Participates in the periodic inspections of all Town facilities such as elevator inspections, fire alarm inspections, pressure vessel inspections etc.
 Recommends expenditures relating to the maintenance of the facilities to the Town Administrator.
Sweeps, mops, waxes and polishes floors; washes walls, windows and window screens; dusts, polishes, arranges and moves furniture; vacuums
and cleans rugs; cleans lavatories; washbasins, and exchanges empty water cooler receptacles for full ones when needed and wastebaskets; fills dispensers with soap, towels, etc.
Cleans, services, and makes minor repairs and adjustments to heating and ventilating systems.  Makes minor plumbing and electrical repairs; replaces light bulbs and other fixtures.
Paints floors, walls, buildings and fixtures; performs simple repairs in the maintenance of the buildings, both inside and outside of structures.
Opens building according to schedule; guards against vandalism and unlawful entry.
Keeps steps, walkways, and ramps of the Town Hall, Police Station, Library and Grapevine (Aiken Barn) clear of snow and ice.
Operates vacuum cleaners, floor polishers, snow blowers, and other power maintenance equipment to perform assigned duties.
Sets up for meetings; erects voting booths for elections and removes same; moves furniture and equipment from building to building as necessary.
Picks up materials and supplies from stores and warehouses as necessary.  Distributes centralized supplies to specific departments as needed.
Assists with the setting up and cleaning of the Emergency Operations Center when in operation; transports personnel and equipment to areas
during an emergency operation; assists with the installation of emergency sand bags, temporary detour signs and other needs during a declared emergency.
Assists with the installation and removal of seasonal decorations such as wreaths, trees, and lights.
Performs other related duties as required.


Primary Physical Requirements                           Other Physical Considerations

LIFT up to 10 lbs: Frequently required.                         TWISTING: Occasionally required.

LIFT 11 to 25 lbs: Frequently required.                         BENDING:  Frequently required.                 
LIFT 26 to 50 lbs: Occasionally required.                       CRAWLING:  Occasionally required.                

LIFT over 50 lbs:  Occasionally required.                       SQUATTING:  Occasionally required.
     Assistance may be available.
---------------------------------------------------------------         KNEELING: Rarely required.
CARRY up to 10 lbs:  Frequently required.                       
                                                                                       CROUCHING:  Occasionally required.
CARRY 11 to 25 lbs:  Frequently required.                       
                                                                CLIMBING:  Occasionally required.
CARRY 26 to 50 lbs:  Occasionally required.             
                                                                BALANCING:  Occasionally required.
CARRY over 50 lbs:   Rarely required.           
     Assistance may be available.

REACH above shoulder height:  Frequently required.              Work Surface(s):                            
REACH at shoulder height:  Frequently required.         Carpeting and tile floors, sometimes
                                                                wet flooring; outside grounds for
REACH below shoulder height:  Frequently required.              maintenance; ladders
PUSH/PULL:  Frequently required.       
HAND MANIPULATION                                         

GRASPING:  Frequently required.                                                  
HANDLING:  Frequently required.                               
TORQUING:  Occasionally required.                                                     
FINGERING:  Frequently required.                                
CONTROLS AND EQUIPMENT:  Telephone, cleaning machines, snow blower, maintenance tools.

Cognitive and Sensory Requirements:

TALKING:        Necessary for communicating with others.
HEARING:        Necessary for taking instructions and information.
SIGHT:          Necessary for doing job effectively.
WRITING:        Necessary for doing job effectively..

Specific Vocational
Preparation Requirements:       [   ]   Short demonstration only        [   ]   1 to 2 years
        [   ]   Any beyond short demonstration  [   ]   2 to 4 years
                 up to and including 30 days

        [   ]   30 to 90 days   [   ]   4 to 10 years

        [   ]   91 to 180 days  [   ]   Over 10 years

        [X]   181 days to 1 year

License/Certification Requirements:  Valid New Hampshire Driver’s license.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required:  Some knowledge of methods, materials and equipment used in custodial and grounds maintenance work.

Ability to perform minor carpentry, masonry, and plumbing repairs, and recognize need for repairs.

Ability to operate and perform minor servicing on light power equipment.

Ability to follow written and oral instruction.

Physical ability to perform work required.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees.
Minimum Qualifications Required:  Possession of a valid NH Driver’s license.  Experience in maintenance of grounds and buildings;
OR, any equivalent combination of education and experience which demonstrates possession of the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Summary of Occupational Exposures: Exposure to dirty environments; exposure to inclement weather conditions, especially during snow removal operations.

Responsible for working flexible hours especially during snow removal activities.

Other Considerations and Requirements:

Candidates will be subjected to criminal background check.   Required to take and pass a physical exam after a conditional offer of employment.

Physical Exertion/Environmental Conditions:

Strenuous work activities during times of snow removal operations.

Town of Antrim, NH P.O. Box 517, 66 Main Street Antrim, NH 03440
Phone: (603) 588-6785    Fax: (603) 588-2969    Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 4:00pm
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