Town of Antrim, NH
New Cingular Wireless, PCS
Map 244 Lot 006
Applicant's Submittal
Applicants submittal letter dated February 17, 2009

Applicants application form
List of Abutters
Abutting Towns within 20 miles of Antrim
Hearing fee schedule
Owner's consent for New Cingular to apply
Engineering site maps and construction specifications
Photographic renditions of tower visibility from various locations
Note that RF report is to be provided
List of existing communication towers & comments regarding co-locations
Noise Study
Report of a Radiation Safety Specialist
Existin Facilities
FCC-Radio Station Authorization
Atlantic Flyway
Section 11:
Property Impact Study in Londonderry, NH
Property Impact Study in Cornish, NH
Property Impact study in Southern, NH
Property Impact Study in Candia, NH
Property Impact Study in Auurn, NH
Antrim Zoning Ordinance for Personal Wireless Service Facilities