Town of Antrim, NH
Antrim Wind Energy
General Blasting Information

  • A public meeting took place on July 16, 2018 where blasting and construction was discussed with the Antrim Selectmen, Police and Fire Chiefs and members of the public.
  • Blasting is expected to commence around August 15th and will continue for several months. It is expected to be complete by November 2018.
  • Typically there will be 1-2 blasts per working day while blasting is occurring. Working days are Monday through Saturday.
  • The Antrim Police Department will be notified 24 hours prior to the first blast, and then one hour before each blast occurs.
  • Audible warning signals that can be heard half a mile away will be made as follows:
  • Three Whistles – 5 minutes to blast
  • Two Whistles – 1 minute to blast
  • One Whistle – All Clear
  • Visual Warnings will also be located near the blast sites for anyone in the blasting zone and the zone will be cleared by licensed blasting personnel before each blast.
A detailed construction schedule and additional information about blasting are available at the Town office or click on the information link under Antrim Wind Energy LLC on the front page of this website.