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Zoning Board of Adjustment Minutes 04/03/2012

April 3, 2012 Meeting
AT&T Withdrawal of Application; Organize Board

Members & Staff Present:     
 Diane Chauncey (Staff)     Ron Haggett (Member)            John Kendall (Chair)                
Frank Scales (Member)       John Giffin (Member)            Doug Crafts (Member)

Members & Staff Present:
Ray Ledger wood (Alternate)      Shelley Nelkens (Alternate)      
Public Attendees:   
Melanie Giffin (interested student)

7:00 Public Hearing (continued form March 6, 2012)

Withdrawal of Application

Case # 2012 -01ZBA
Special Exception request of New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC, by and through its Manager, AT&T Mobility Corporation, c/o Edward D. Pare, Jr. Esq., Brown Rudnick for a Special Exception per Article XIV D. 4. for a proposed Personal Wireless Service Facility (PWSF aka Cell Tower) on property owned by Ernest & Rose Litchfield located at 56 Smith Road (Tax Map 233, Lot 60), Antrim, NH 03440 in the Rural District. New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC requests that the Board grant a special exception for the installation, operation and maintenance of the facility.

Letter from Brown Rudnick and Atty Pare requesting to withdraw the above referenced application for a special without prejudice was read by the Secretary.

Motion: To accept the request for withdrawal of the AT&T application for Case #2012-01ZBA, without prejudice.
Motion made by: Mr. Haggett; Seconded by: Mr. Scales
Vote: Unanimous to accept the request for withdrawal

Business Meeting:       

  • Organize Board
Motion: Recommend to the Selectmen that Mr. Giffin and Mr. Haggett continue on Board as members for a 3-year term
Motion made by Mr. Haggett; Mr. Scales seconded. Unanimous vote to recommend.

Motion: Nominate Mr. Kendall to continue as Chair of the ZBA
Motion made by Mr. Haggett; Seconded by Mr. Scales
Vote: Unanimous approval

Motion: Nominate Mr. Giffin to continue as Vice-Chair

Motion made by Mr. Haggett; Seconded by Mr. Scales
Vote: Unanimous approval

Approve Minutes of March 6, 2012
Motion:  To approve the minutes as presented with Kristen Vance’s suggested amendments to be added as an appendage.
Motion made by: Mr. Haggett; seconded by Mr. Crafts
Vote: Unanimous approval

Comments on new ZBA application
        Motion: To accept the application as presented
        Motion made by: Mr. Giffin; seconded by Mr. Haggett
        Vote: Unanimous approval

Other Business:

ZBA members will request a joint meeting to discuss Zoning Ordinance amendments with the Planning Board. The ZBA is willing to attend a regularly scheduled Planning Board meeting.

At 7:45PM, Mr. Haggett moved to adjourn. Mr. Kendall seconded. All approved. The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Diane Chauncey, On Behalf of the Antrim Zoning Board of Adjustment

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