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Zoning Board of Adjustment Minutes 03/17/2015
Agenda for March 17, 2015 Meeting
CASE #2015-01ZBA

Members & Staff Present:     
John Giffin (Vice Chair)          John Kendall (Chair)                           Ron Haggett (Member)
Shelley Nelkens (Alternate)     Megan Osgood (Land Use Assistant)             Ray Ledger wood (Member)     
Frank Scales (Member)  

Member Absent:  
Public Attendees:   Art Kaufman  Nancy Kaufman  Frank Bennett  Tom Davis  Joyce Davis  
                         Nancy Cone  Charles Nystrom  Diane Chauncey  Ashley Saauri

7:00PM Public Meeting:

Chair Kendall opened the meeting at 7:00pm and introduced the other Board Members.  He opened the meeting to case #2015-01ZBA-Continuance to the meeting that was held on February

Schedule the Balloon test for Industrial Tower and Wireless, LLC (ITW).  

The Balloon Test is scheduled for April 11th (9-4) with a rain date of April 12th (9-4).  If by chance the weather does not allow those dates it will be held on the following dates-
        April 18-19 (9-4)
        April 25-26 (9-4)

The height of the second Balloon was suggested and determined by the Board to be flown at 100ft.

The Board will meet at the Antrim Town Hall at 9:30am and they have requested a bus in order to travel together.  

Mr. Kendall said that the Board needs to make a date for a Continuation to the Public Hearing.  The Board determined that the date of the meeting will be April 28, 2015.

Mr. Giffin moved to accept the April 28, 2015 continuation of the Public Hearing and Mr. Haggett seconded, and was unanimously agreed upon by all.

Business Meeting:

Mr. Haggett moved to approve the February 3, 2015 Meeting Minutes-Mr. Scales seconded.  All members were in favor.

Organize the Board:

Motion: Recommend to the Selectmen that Mr. Haggett continue on Board as a member for a 3-year term.
Motion made by Mr. Giffin; Mr. Scales seconded.  Unanimous vote to recommend.

Motion: Nominate Mr. Giffin as Chair to the Board and Mr. Haggett as Vice Chair.
Motion made by Mr. Haggett; Mr. Scales seconded.  Unanimous vote to recommend.

Motion: Recommend to the Selectmen that Mr. Kendall steps down as an alternate and Ms. Nelkens steps up to the Board as a member.
Motion made by Mr. Haggett; Mr. Scales seconded.  Unanimous vote to recommend.

Other Business: 

Mr. Kendall asked Ms. Ogilvie if the Shea Field Lighting Project would need to come before the Board for a Variance.

Ms. Ogilvie said that she recommended that the project go through the right channels and follow all the rules that anyone else would.  

Ms. Ogilvie said that the Selectman will make a recommendation as to the necessary steps that the Shea Field Lighting project should take.

Mr. Haggett said that he did not agree that they need to get a special exception for the project.  

At 8:15 PM, Mr. Haggett moved to adjourn the meeting; Mr. Giffin seconded. All approved to adjourn the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Megan Osgood, On Behalf of the Antrim Zoning Board of Adjustment


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