Town of Antrim, NH
Article XIV-A - Home Based Businesses
(Adopted March 13, 2007)
(Adopted March 13, 2007)

1.      PURPOSE

A.  Permit residents of the community the use of their homes as a place of livelihood for the production or supplementing of personal and family income.
B.  Protect the community at large and neighboring properties from potential adverse impacts of activities associated with home based businesses.
C.  Establish regulatory criteria and standards for home based businesses.


Home Based Business - Any commercial activity engaged in by the resident or residents of a property that is clearly secondary to the use of the property as a residence. Any activity that meets at least one of the below listed criteria will be considered a Home Based Business for purposes of this ordinance.


Any activity that meets at least one of the below listed criteria will be considered a Home Based Business for purposes of this ordinance.

A.  The commercial activity on the premises is not performed entirely within a dwelling or structure accessory to the dwelling.
B.  The number of on premises, non-resident employees is greater than one.
C.  Changes the residential character of the property in any visible manner.
D.  Shows exterior evidence of the commercial activity except for signs as permitted in article XVII of Antrim’s zoning ordinances.
E.  Displays or stores materials, goods, supplies or equipment outdoors.
F.  Parks or stores more than two (2) vehicles used in the commercial activity on the premises.
G.  Involves the presence of mechanical equipment used in a business.


Home Based Businesses must:

A.  Not create objectionable noise, odor, vibration, smoke, dust, heat, glare or unsightly conditions noticeable off the premises.
B.  Not create electronic interference.
C.  Not create a safety, health, or environmental hazard.
D.  Provide for adequate off-street parking facilities for employees and visitors.
E.  Not be allowed in Multi-family dwellings.


Home Based Business Permit

A.  Purpose – The purpose of a home based business permit is to:
1.  Ensure the applicant understands the conditions set forth in the ordinance for the operation of a home based business.
2.  Gives the town access to data that can be used to assess the economic vitality of the community and develop appropriate planning ordinances and regulations.

B.  Authority – The Planning Board has the authority to grant home based business permits.

C.  Home Based Businesses require a home based business permit in order to operate.

D.  Appeals – The decision of the Planning Board may be appealed to the Antrim Zoning Board of Adjustment.

E.  Time period – Home Based Business Permits are granted for an indefinite time period or until a change of ownership.

F.  The Board of Selectmen has the authority to revoke a home based business permit upon a determination that the home based business is not in compliance with the conditions set forth in this ordinance.

G.  Site Plan Review – The Planning Board will require a Site Plan Review when:
1.  Any existing commercial activity being performed rises to the level of a home based business.
2.  Any change of use that results in the commercial activity meeting the criteria for a Home Based Business.

Updated 3/13/07