Town of Antrim, NH
Article II - Zoning Districts
(Adopted March 14, 1989)
II - 1
(Adopted March 14, 1989)

A.      Zoning Districts

The Town of Antrim is hereby divided into the following Zoning Districts:

VB – Village Business
HB – Highway Business
R – Residential
RA – Rural
LR – Lakefront Residential
RC – Rural Conservation
SS – Steep Slopes
W – Wetlands
FDD – Floodplain Development District
I – Institutional District
SPD – Shoreland Protection District

B.      Official Zoning Map

The location and boundaries of the aforementioned zones are established as shown on the Zoning Maps for the Town of Antrim dated January 1, 1988, January 4, 1990, January 3, 1994, and January 5, 1995. Any changes in the Route 9 Highway Business (HB) District shown on the January 5, 1995 Zoning Map supersedes those shown on the January 1, 1988, the January 4, 1990 and the January 3, 1994 map.

The Rural Conservation District shall include the land north of Route 9 bounded on the west and north by the Town line, on the south by the Highway Business District, on the east by a line running approximately north/south located a distance of 1,000 feet to the west of Liberty Farm Road as shown on the Antrim Addendum dated December 13, 1989. (Adopted March 13, 1990)

Boundaries of Zoning Districts

Where a Zoning District Boundary Approximately Follows The Centerline of a Street or Alley: The centerline of such street or alley shall be interpreted to be the Zoning District Boundary.

Where a Zoning District Boundary Approximately Parallels a Street Lot Line or Alley Lot Line: The boundary shall be interpreted as being parallel to it and at such distance from it as indicated on the Zoning Map. If no distance is given, such dimension shall be determined by the use of the scale shown on the official Zoning Map.

Where a Zoning District Boundary Approximately follows a Lot Line:  The lot line shall be interpreted to be the Zoning District Boundary

Where a Zoning District Boundary Follows a Body of Water: The boundary shall be interpreted to be the centerline of a river, creek, stream, or as dimensioned on the Zoning Map.

Submerged Areas: In all areas within the Town which are under water and are bounded by two or more Zoning Districts, the boundary lines of these districts shall be extended to the center of the body of water.

Classification of Annexed or Unzoned Lands: For zoning purposes, all    areas which are discovered to be unzoned due to administrative oversight or a change in municipal boundaries shall be classified as “RA” Rural until such time as the Ordinance and Map are officially amended to include the excluded areas and classify them in accordance with the Town’s Master Plan

Vacating of Public Ways: Whenever any street or alley is vacated, the Zoning District or Districts adjoining such street or alley shall be automatically extended to the center of such vacated area.

Boundary Determination Problems: Where it is not possible or practical for the Board of Selectmen to determine the location of a Zoning District Boundary line, or if a petitioner contests the Board’s determination of the boundary, the Zoning Board of Adjustment, upon appeal, shall determine and establish the location of said boundary line.

All distances pertaining to the delineation of Zoning Districts as shown on the Zoning Map shall be measured from the existing road right-of-way line when such distance is measured from a public road.

Lots in Two Zoning Districts: When a Zoning District Boundary divides a parcel or lot held in single or separate ownership, the regulation as to the use in the less restrictive district shall extend over the portion of the lot in the more restrictive district a distance of not more than fifty (50) feet beyond the district boundary line.

Uses by Districts: Permitted uses and uses permitted by Special Exception in the respective Zoning Districts are shown in Appendix A.

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