Town of Antrim, NH
Article V - Highway Business District (HB)
(Adopted March 14, 1989)
(Adopted March 14, 1989, Amended March 9, 2010)

A.       Purpose

The Highway Business District is intended to foster the development of commercial and light manufacturing uses, public and semi-public uses and residential uses in the Route 202, Route 9 and the area just north of Route 9 in the vicinity of North Branch Village.

B.       Permitted uses

1.      Principal permitted uses:

a.      Single family dwellings

b.      Duplex dwellings

c.      Multi-family dwellings (requires Site Plan Review)

d.      Public and private schools (all levels)

e.      Churches (see Article XIV Supplemental Regulations)

f.      Home-based businesses (see Article XIV Supplemental

g.      Retail businesses

h.      Convenience stores

i.      Restaurants

j.      Business and professional office

k.      Veterinary clinics

l.      Kennels, boarding and/or breeding

m.      Banks and financial institutions

n.      Personal services (Deleted March 13, 2001)

o.      Hospitals and nursing homes

p.      Motels, hotels, motor inns, tourist homes and bed and breakfast

q.      Funeral homes

r.      Social clubs

s.      Automotive sales, service and rental

t.      Gasoline service stations

u.      Laundromats and dry cleaning establishments

v.      Wholesale, warehouse and storage facilities

w.      Motor freight (truck) terminals, bulk storage, warehousing truck repair facilities, and outside parking for tractor-trailers and employees (see Article XIV Supplemental Regulations)

Truck, recreational vehicle, marine and heavy equipment sales and service

Mini-warehouse/storage facilities

Beverage and bottling distribution


Industrial parks

Printing and publishing establishments
Building materials supply

Recreational vehicle park

Recreational facilities

Farms and agricultural activities excluding pelt ranching and raising of more than (20) swine

Roadside stands

Stables and riding academies

Condominiums and cluster housing developments

Light manufacturing

Farm employee housing as permitted in Article XIV Supplemental Regulations

Manufactured Housing Units (per Article XIV, Section W)(Adopted March 13, 2001)

        oo.     Mixed Use (Any combination of residential, commercial, public, etc.) (as listed
                under primary uses) (Adopted March 9, 2010)

2.      Accessory uses:

a.      Any use accessory to a principal permitted use

b.      Signs as permitted in Article XVII.

c.      Fences as permitted in Article XIV.

d.      Parking and loading areas as permitted in Article XV.

e.      Storage and parking of major recreation equipment as permitted in Article XIV

f.      Private swimming pools, tennis courts and greenhouses. (See Article XIV) (Adopted March 9, 1993)

3.      Special Exception uses (as permitted in Article XIII):

a.      Conversion apartments (Adopted March 9, 1993)

b.      Elderly housing

c.      Manufactured housing parks

C.      Lot, Yard, and Height Requirements

1.      Lot Requirements: Areas not served by public sewer and water:

a.      Minimum lot size: 90,000 square feet

b.      Minimum lot frontage: 200 feet

c.      Minimum lot depth: 200 feet

d.      Minimum front yard setback: 50 feet from the street or highway right-of-way line.

e.      Minimum side yard setback: 20 feet

f.      Minimum rear yard setback: 20 feet.

g.      Maximum lot coverage for principal and accessory structures: 40 percent.

h.      Maximum height for all buildings: 2 1/2 stories or 35 feet whichever is less.

     Duplex dwellings: see Article IV Section C - Lot, Yard and Height requirements.

j.      Multi-family and elderly dwellings: see Article IV Section C - Lot, Yard and Height requirements.

     Back Lots (see Article XIV Supplemental Regulations)

Lot Requirements:

2.      Lot Requirements: Areas served by public sewer and water:

a.      Same as required in Article IV Section C.1.

D.      Special Setback (Buffer Strip) Provisions

An establishment engaged in commercial activity shall maintain as green space fifty percent (50%) of the front, side and rear yard setback areas. The front yard setback shall be landscaped and the side and back yard setbacks shall be maintained to provide a reasonable measure of protection to the adjacent properties as determined by Site Plan Review.

Updated 4/05/10