Town of Antrim, NH
Article VII - Rural District (RA)
(Adopted March 14, 1998)
(Adopted March 14, 1989)

A. Purpose

The rural district is intended to be a district of rural residential dwellings complemented by other traditional rural/agricultural uses. The district also permits certain non-residential uses that are compatible with the rural character of the district. Such uses are permitted by Special Exception.

B. Permitted Uses

1.      Principal permitted uses:

a.      Single family dwellings.

b.      Duplex dwellings.

c.      Public and private schools (all levels)

d.      Churches (see Article XIV Supplemental Regulations)

e       Home-based businesses (see Article XIV Supplemental Regulations – requires Site Plan Review)

f.      Kennels, boarding and/or breeding

g.      Public and private recreational facilities

h.      Farms and agricultural activities excluding pelt ranching and the raising of more than twenty (20) swine

i.      Roadside stands

Farm employee housing as permitted in Article XIV Supplemental Regulations

Manufactured Housing Units (Per Article XIV, Section W)(Adopted March 13, 2001)

2.      Accessory uses:

a.      Any use accessory to a principal permitted use

b.      Signs as permitted in Article XVII.

c.      Fences as permitted in Article XIV.

d.      Parking and loading facilities as permitted in Article XV

Storage and parking of major recreation equipment as permitted in
        Article XIV

f.      Private swimming pools, tennis courts and greenhouses as permitted in Article XIV (Adopted March 9, 1993)

g.      Retail sales of antiques, arts and crafts, handiwork and garden produce when an accessory use to a residence (requires Site Plan Review)

C.      Special Exception Uses (See Article XIII)

a.      Multi-family dwellings (requires Site Plan Review) (Deleted March 10, 2005)

b.      Restaurants

c.      Business and professional Offices

d.      Veterinary clinics

e.      Hospitals and nursing homes

f.      Motels, hotels, motor inns, tourist homes and bed and breakfast establishments

g.      Social clubs

h.      Building materials

i.      Recreational vehicle park

J.      Conversion apartments

k.      Elderly housing (requires Special Exception and Site Plan Review)

1.      Manufactured housing parks

m.      Raising animals for their pelt or pelt ranches (Adopted March 9, 1993)

D.      Lot, Yard and Height Requirements

a.      Minimum lot size: all uses except duplexes and as noted in Article VII Section C: 90,000 square feet.

b.      Minimum lot frontage: 200 feet

c.      Minimum lot depth: 200 feet.

d.      Minimum front yard setback: 50 feet from the street right-of-way line.

e.      Minimum side yard setback: 20 feet from property lines or minimum distance between adjacent buildings of 50 feet, whichever is greater.

f.       Minimum rear yard setback: 20 feet.

g.       Maximum lot coverage: 40 percent.

h.      Maximum building height for all buildings: 2 1/2 stories or 35 feet, whichever is less.

i.      Duplex dwellings: the minimum lot size (area) shall be 130,000 square feet with a minimum frontage of 300 feet and a minimum depth of 200 feet.

Back lots (see Article XIV Supplemental Regulations)

Updated 3/10/05