Town of Antrim, NH
Article VIII - Lakefront Residential District (LR)
(Adopted March 14, 1998)
(Adopted March 14, 1998)

A.       Purpose

The Lakefront Residential District is intended to protect certain ponds and lakes from excessive density and development with particular emphasis on: (1) protecting the water quality and adjacent shorelines of these lakes and ponds, and (2) maintaining and/or ensuring the privacy and tranquillity of those residents who own shoreline or waterfront property. The following lakes and ponds are included in this district: Gregg Lake, Franklin Pierce Lake, Willard Pond, Steele’s Pond, Rye Pond, and Campbell Pond.

It is also the intent of this district to provide housing and recreational opportunities for seasonal and year-round residents who prefer to live in single-family detached housing with access to aforementioned water bodies.

B.       Permitted Uses

1.      Principal permitted uses:

a.      Single-family dwellings.

b.      Duplex dwellings (Deleted as permitted use March 10, 2005 – See Special Exceptions)

c.      Home occupations and home-based businesses (see Article XIV   Supplemental Regulations)

2.      Accessory uses:

a.      Any use accessory to a principal permitted use

b.      Signs as permitted in Article XVII.

c.      Fences as permitted in Article XIV.

d.      Parking and loading facilities as permitted in Article XV

e.      Storage or parking of major recreation equipment as permitted in  Article  XIV

f.      Private swimming pools, tennis courts and greenhouses as permitted in Article XIV (Adopted March 9, 1993)

3.      Special Exception Uses (See Article XIII)

Public and private recreational facilities
Accessory Living Units (Adopted March 9, 2004) (See Article XIV)
Duplex Dwellings (Adopted March 10, 2005)(See Article XIV)

C.      Lot, Yard and Height Requirements

Minimum lot size - all uses except duplexes: 90,000 square feet. Duplexes shall have a lot size of 130,000 square feet. (Amended March 10, 2005)

2.      Minimum lot width all uses except duplexes: - 200 feet. Duplexes shall have a lot width of 300 feet. (Amended March 10, 2005)

3.      Minimum front yard setback: 50 feet from the street or road right- of-way line.  And, if the property also borders on a lake or pond, the yard fronting on the water shall have 100 feet from the normal high water mark

4.      Minimum side yard setback: 20 feet each side.

5.      Minimum rear yard setback: 20 feet.

6.      Maximum lot coverage: 40 percent.

7.      Maximum building height: 2 1/2 stories or 35 feet, whichever is  less.

8.      Back Lots (See Article XIV Supplemental Regulations)

D.      Unless otherwise indicated on the Zoning Map, the Lakefront Residential District shall be an area within five hundred (500) feet of the high water mark of the bodies of water shown on the Zoning Map (Franklin Pierce Lake, Gregg Lake, Willard, Steele’s, Rye and Campbell Ponds).

All buildings and dwellings must comply with the regulations of the State Water Supply and Pollution Control Division so there will be no pollution of lakes, rivers or streams. Any person, firm or corporation shall be required to correct his or its septic or sewage disposal system, at his or its own expense, if said system is found to be contaminating any lake, river or stream.

Updated 3/10/05