Antrim Community Board

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Antrim’s Community Board: 

Discovering and tapping our community assets  to build a hometown where everyone counts and contributes


Vote “yes” on the Warrant Article establishing the ACB at Town Meeting on March 11, 2021

Welcome to the Antrim Community Board (ACB) project!  We welcome every Antrim citizen to join with us – the ACB Steering Committee – in our effort over the last 14 months to get the ACB approved as an official town board at our March 2021 Town Meeting – and “up and running” soon after.

ACB is responsible for mustering our own resources to make Antrim better for all

The ACB is responsible (under State Statute RSA 678) “to organize ourselves”  “to improve our community” and “enhance the public health, prosperity, quality of life, safety, and general welfare of all citizens”. This means the ACB will focus on mustering our own resources to make Antrim an even better hometown ... a town where all are welcome, safe, connected, supported ... where there is a feeling of civic pride and where “neighbor” means much more than the folks who live near by ... and a hometown that recaptures the sense of belonging that has weakened everywhere in recent decades.

We have the talent in town do any project and solve any issue

To get this done, the ACB will build on Antrim’s considerable strengths and the deep pool of talents, experiences, interests, and hopes of our fellow citizens. There is no question that within our town we have all of the skills, interests, gifts, experiences, and “willingness to pitch in” needed to carry out any project and solve any issue we decide to tackle.

How the ACB will do it – The Community Asset Bank + homegrown projects

The ACB’s most important job is to discover and inventory our “people resources” (through ongoing surveys, conversations, interviews, research) and put them in the new Antrim Community Asset Bank, so they can be mobilized (with each person’s permission and agreement to volunteer) for designing and carrying out community projects.

To develop the projects (which together make up the ACB Community Master Plan), the ACB will bring together people in town who share particular talents, interests, and visions for Antrim’s future.  These planning groups will come up with specific projects (sometimes new ones ... but most often supporting/expanding existing ones) by tapping the wealth of our own resources from the ACB Asset Bank.  

A sample of possible ACB community projects

Because of the ACB’s permanent structure as a town board and its continuing responsibility for our health and well-being – plus the new resources from the ACB Asset Bank – the sky is the limit for the projects that the ACB can help groups start and sustain. 

We don’t know what these projects will be.  But here’s a sampling of some that have been suggested so far:

  • More volunteers for town and community groups to expand, strengthen, and sustain existing programs. These include The Grapevine, Avenue A and our churches; Grange and 4-H, AES and Great Brook schools and PTOs; Tuttle Library; and town departments such as recreation, rescue squad, fire department, welfare, food bank, Lions, and the Scouts.
  • Social, neighborhood, and hobby groups:  Pulling together all train buffs, walkers and hikers, collectors of all types, knitters and quilters, kayakers, sailors, musicians, bakers, people who can cook or want to learn to cook, dog walkers, cat lovers, gamers, moms, dads, grandparents, or corn hole or cribbage players.  There is room for more book and movie discussion groups and expanded senior center programs.
  • Building and improving community facilities: Putting up community bulletin boards; expanding and improving Avenue A, and town park facilities; creating a community café and business incubator spaces; creating free wi-fi hotspots; new bike trails; expanding community gardens; improving and expanding walking/hiking trails, the skateboard park, food bank, swap and revival shops, Great Brook walkway, disk golf, and recreation areas and facilities.  And a few big ideas: creating a Community Center and building an indoor swimming pool.
  • Restoring, creating and sustaining community events and programs: Restart the Antrim Players and the Welcome Wagon; expand and sustain Home & Harvest and Festival of Trees; plan new barbeque and chili cook-offs, capture the flag competitions, and daffodil and strawberry festivals.
  • Strengthening, expanding and creating projects to solve the issues we face:  Suggestions include: projects to prevent suicide and drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness, domestic violence, and isolation and loneliness: projects that provide ongoing in-town and organized neighbor-to-neighbor support to our fellow citizens who are facing a medical or financial crisis and are alone and isolated; making sure everyone gets the help they need to maneuver the maze of program eligibility and requirements to get the services they need; and making sure no one “falls through the cracks” because they can’t get access to the support and help they need.

The two things you can do to make the Antrim Community Board a reality

Fill out the survey – Right now, the most important thing you can do is to build the Antrim Community Asset Bank by filling out the ACB survey of your interests, talents, ideas, and hopes for our town. The more of “you” in the ACB’s Community Asset-Interest Inventory, the more we can accomplish.   Note: Your responses will only be used with your permission and providing this information does not commit you to volunteering and becoming involved.

You can fill out the survey online at or send it back by email or regular mail to PO Box 639 in Antrim.  For information from a real person, please contact coordinators Kristen Vance McCormick at or 446-7754, or Gordon Allen at or 588-2742.