Antrim Community Board

A 501(c)(4).organization, NH Business ID# 842204
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Antrim’s Community Board: 

Mobilizing our community assets to build a hometown where we all count, come together, and contribute

Welcome to the Antrim Community Board (ACB) project!  The ACB Steering Committee welcomes and encourages you to help get this exciting project approved by a vote of the town at our Town Meeting in March 2021 – and then get it up and running soon after.


The ACB will be the first in New Hampshire and the first of its kind in the country, so we will be showing the way on how to make a hometown full of civic spirit and activity.  A hometown that is welcoming, safe, connected, and supportive.  A hometown that is prosperous, healthy, and where “neighbor” means more than just people who live near to each other.

To accomplish this, the ACB will build on our considerable strengths as a hometown and the deep pool of talents, interests, and ideas we have in our people and community groups. There is no question that right here in town we have all of the skills, avocations, and life and work experiences we need to accomplish just about anything that we decide to do to make our town a better place to live.  The basic job of the ACB is to discover these assets (primarily through surveys) and collect them in one place (in the Antrim Community Asset Bank) – and then connect, organize, and mobilize them to complete the community building projects and programs we choose to do.  Imagine how much better equipped we will be in the future to cope with a situation like the Coronavirus once the Antrim Community Board is up and running.

The ACB will tap these assets using plans created by different task forces of people in town who come together around specific ideas for projects based on their interests and expertise. The ACB will then put all these plans together to create the Antrim Community Master Plan.  

The Community Master Plan will be made up of a variety of projects such as:

  • New and larger social, interest and hobby groups:  The possibilities are endless. Imagine connecting all the train buffs, collectors, kayakers, or corn hole or cribbage players in town.
  • Building projects:  Many great ideas here, such as creating a community center, cafe, Great Brook walkway or business incubator or workshop space, or expanding the Teen Center.
  • More help for our events and town groups and restoring and creating new community activities:  More Home and Harvest volunteers, restoring the Antrim Players & treasure hunt.
  • Welcoming and neighbor-helping-neighbor projects:  Greeting and surveying and tapping the talents of every new family and helping organize and support informal groups of neighbors.
  • Programs to solve community problems:  Examples such as more suicide prevention, mentors for our students, visits and story gathering with our elder citizens, and hands-on navigation through the maze of health, social service and financial and employment support programs.

How to Help:  Please complete the first ACB survey of your interests, talents, and ideas. You can do this by filling out the survey on this website and sending it back by mail or email, or by contacting us to do a phone or Zoom interview.  Also, for options to help by sharing your talents, interests, and ideas, please contact Kristen Vance McCormick at [email protected] or 446-7754, Gordon Allen at [email protected] or 588-2742, [email protected] or any member of the Steering Committee.