Capital Improvement Committee

Meeting date: 
Wednesday, October 30, 2019


October 30th, 2019


Location: Antrim Little Town Hall

Present Bob Edwards (ex officio), Bob Holmes (Chair), Steve MacDonald, and Victor Rosansky

Staff Present: Ashley Brudnick-Destromp (Assistant) and Carol Ogilvie (Planning Consultant)

Absent: Neal Pattison (Vice Chair)

Others in Attendance: Rick Wood (Library Trustee),Shelly Connolly (Library Trustee), and Steve Ullman (Library Trustee)

CTO:  Chair Holmes called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM. He the Library Trustees if they wished to speak first since they were present.

I.  Follow up from Library for requested refined estimate:

Mr. Wood introduced himself to the Board, and explained he was new to the Library trustees so this was his first experience with CIP. Mr. Wood explained that all the work being proposed is for the exterior of the building only. He added that they consulted Mr. Richard Reilly who is a local and well known painter, and he determined the work would definitely be over $10,000, and mold was noticed on the walk through. Mr. Wood went into further detail and went over the estimate provided by Mr. Reilly via email. Mr. Wood then went over the estimate for the clapboard repair and the stone sidewalk repair. Mr. Wood mentioned that the interior has some water damage, but it will be a future project. He said that other items that would be future projects also included two exit doors getting up to fire code, and too examine any structural damage that corresponds with the water damage. He added that both experts said if the exterior building projects were not completed within the next year, they will become more costly in the future.

Mr. Wood said that they are looking at $35,000-$43,000 in an expense, and are requesting the $43,000 for 2020. Chair Holmes asked if in 2021 or 2022 they are looking to do the repair to the foyer. Mr. Wood and Mr. Ullman said that they are not sure yet if it will be paid by maintenance budget or if it will meet the required minimum amounts for CIP, as they haven’t looking further into it at this point. There was a small conversation about the age of the foyer.

Mr. Edwards explained that the CIP is for the next 6 years, and that the Library is only requesting $43,000 total for the next 6 years. He added that the intent of the CIP report is to see what all the departments will need within the 6 years, and there is a lot of uncertainty where the Library Trustees are only looking at 1 of the 6 years.

There was a conversation between Mr. Wood and Mr. Edwards about clarification of CIP timelines and purpose. Mr. Ullman said that some of the costs in the future might not be involved in the CIP, but would be more of a maintenance  project. Mr. Ullman added that the window project was completed and is an energy saving project. There was a small discussion on the window project, and the size of the windows, and clarification of what was done.

Chair Holmes wanted to clarify Mr. Edwards question to the Library Trustees. Chair Holmes asked if there are any other major projects expected over the next 6 years that they could see needing to be on CIP. Mr. Ullman asked what the CIP committee would need from them in order to fulfill that request. Mr. Edwards started a conversation about putting money away into the capital reserve fund in order to put money away for the library, where the future costs are unknown at this point, and how what is in their capital reserve currently would only cover about half of what they are requesting for next year. It was agreed on by all parties that it would be a good idea. There was discussion about a potential warrant article, and the process involved.

Chair Holmes said he wanted to clarify that the library would be putting some money into their fund, and that some of that fund would be used towards the $43,000. Chair Holmes and the trustees had a conversation of putting in $30,000 for a one time reserve in 2020, and then maybe looking at putting in $10,000 each year to help as an example. Mr. Wood verified if it would be a warrant article, the committee said it would be as one with the other departments. There was further discussion and clarification on the warrant article.

Chair Holmes suggested doing $25,000 towards capital reserve in 2020, and then $5,000 for each year going moving forward. He added if the Library decided they had enough in their reserve account and did not need additional, they could skip a year or so as Mr. Haggett had done in the past when he was a trustee. The Library Trustees said they would have to vote on it at their next meeting on November 12th. The CIP has to present on November 7th to the Planning Board, so both Library and CIP agreed to put it in there for now, and to inform the Planning Board at the November 7th presentation that it may change subject to the Library trustees voting on it on November 12th. The Library will email the Assistant after the November 12th meeting to verify the amount being requested to be put into the capital reserve for 2020-2025. If a change is a made, it will be done in time before the CIP presentation to the Selectboard on December 2nd. Mr. Wood asked if the trustees were needed at either meeting, Chair Holmes said no, and that the CIP had enough information from them to make a presentation.

The Library Trustees and CIP thanked each other, and the trustees left the meeting.

II.  Approve Minutes from 9/4/19:

Discussion on 9/4/19 Minutes: There was none.

Motion: Mr. Edwards made a motion to approve the minutes from 9/4/19 as written, Mr. Rosansky second it.

Vote: By a voice vote, all were in favor.

III.  Additional items added for Town Buildings:

The Assistant explained that the A/C unit at the Town Hall had broken down since their last meeting 2 months ago, and needs to be replaced completely in 2020. She added that she was informed repairing it would cost about the same if not greater than getting a new unit, so it would be more cost effective in the long run to completely replace it. The total cost is estimated around $20,000, and this would be needed in 2020.

There was a question of where the money should come out of, taxes vs capital reserve account. The Assistant verified with the Town Administrator during the meeting that it would come from Capital Reserve.

IV.  Overview of CIP Spreadsheet for 2019-2024:

Ms. Ogilvie will be updating her spreadsheet and her staff report to reflect the library capital reserve changes, and the Town Hall A/C coming out of capital reserves.  Once the changes are made, the Assistant will send out a copy of each to the committee.

V.  Other Business:

The Assistant reminded the Committee that it is best to be on the Planning Board agenda for November 7th where November 21st is a re-opening of a public hearing as well as the beginning of another public hearing. The Board agreed November 7th would work, and then the presentation to the Selectboard is December 2nd.

Mr. Edwards had a question about the 2020 Fire Department amounts, and the total for the capital reserve. There was a long conversation to clarify how it was written, and the confusion. The Committee wanted to make it clearer. Ms. Ogilvie will make changes to the spreadsheet to make it easier to understand and follow.

Mr. Edwards said that he was concerned that there are items not being shown within the next 6 years for some departments, and that they are only focused on top priority projects, so the numbers can actually be much higher then what is shown. Mr. Edwards explained he attended a discussion on Town roads, and would like to look at a 3-5 year road plan with a consultant and/or the Road Agent, and have it added to the capital reserve fund for roads. Mr. Edwards also said that the ambulance is not mentioned on the CIP spreadsheet, and that it is part of the revolving fund, and an ambulance will need to come out for a couple hundred thousand in the near future. Mr. Edwards went into further discussion of other buildings that will need to be re-done, and how the spreadsheet does not reflect the true exposure over the next 6 years. Chair Holmes says it shows a true exposure of what was given to them, and how he thinks of CIP as a collection agency, and how much would the Selectboard want to probe into departments. There was a discussion between Chair Holmes and Mr. Edwards where they discussed the responsibilities of the CIP, and if they are doing their due diligence by not reporting what will be needed in the future that isn’t mentioned by departments on the spreadsheet, but that is noticed on the walk throughs. It was agreed by all that CIP has come a long way, and that it’s a long term project.

Mr. Edwards said that Highland and Pleasant Street items need to be plugged into obligations. Mr. Edwards said that if the CIP knew we had that obligation amount until 2048, it would be more of a complete picture. The Assistant will reach out and get the numbers from the Town Administrator.

Mr. Edwards said that the new gravel-pack well will be a new physical building that has to filter the water, and that is why its $400,000 based on NHDES requirements now. Mr. Edwards also said that the Water Department has applied for a $1.5 million grant for the new river crossing, and that the Town will contribute $600,000 for a total cost of $2.1 million. He added he is also not sure if it is an accurate number, where they are going off of an old estimate of $1 million, and also trying to renovate the existing building that is there to accommodate the standards.  Mr. Edwards said he just wanted to give a heads up that he does not think a 71% grant would get approved, and that the money would be bonded for a 30 year term or something of that nature when the time comes.

Chair Holmes mentioned he will be asking the Planning Board at the November 7th meeting to increase the CIP size by 2 members to help with scheduling conflicts that occurred this year. Chair Holmes also thanked everyone for this year’s work and efforts where it is the last official meeting.  

Adjourned:  Mr. Edwards made a motion to end the meeting at 10:29 AM, and Mr. Rosansky second it.

Vote: By a voice vote, all were in favor.

Next Meeting:  The CIP will be presenting to the Antrim Planning Board on Thursday, November 7th at 7:00PM at the Antrim Little Town Hall, and to the Board of Selectmen on Monday, December 2nd at 7:00PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Ashley Brudnick-Destromp
(Assistant to the Land Use Boards)