Library Board of Trustees

Meeting date: 
Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Tuttle Libary Trustees Minutes
January 14, 2020

Members Present: Shelly Connolly, Steve Ullman, Margie Warner, and Rick Wood.  Also, present, Library Director, Cindy Jewett, and Town Administrator, Donna Hanson.

In Public Comments, Donna Hanson updated us on the status of our CIP requests.  They will be included under the warrant article that will cover all town buildings. She also updated us on the status of transferring passwords from our former IT consultant to a new consultant.  It was decided that a meeting was not needed to complete this transfer and a motion was made by Rick and Margie seconded, to adjust their final invoice accordingly.  The motion passed unanimously.  At their January 13 meeting, the Select Board requested that we level fund our budget, i.e. lower our budget request to the amount that we were budgeted in 2019.  This would be a decrease in the amount of $10,888. There will be a budget hearing on Feb 10. Our final budget and narrative needs to be sent to Donna prior to that date. 

The Treasurer's Report was accepted. A revised budget was presented that will meet the level fund budget request from the Select Board.  Rick and Shelly will work together to revise the narrative that we wrote for the initial budget hearing and will reflect our ongoing concerns. 

Library Director's Report:

  • Library staff reviews have been completed and were signed by Trustees.
  • Summer reading supplies have been ordered.
  • “Reading to Rosie” will begin on Jan 16.  Rosie is a local dog who has been trained to listen to children read.  Any donation for this program will be passed on to the End 68 Hours of Hunger in the ConVal district.
  • Year-end statistics have been compiled and annual reports for the town have been filed.
  • Homeschool meetings are very popular.

Until a formal library closure policy is written and approved, that decision will remain with Cindy.  If she is unavailable, Steve and Margie will make the decision.  The decision will be made 2 hours before the library is scheduled to open.  

Old Business:

Library Director evaluation is pending.

New Business:

Real data is being collected to determine the busiest times for the library and to address the need to expand library hours.  This will discuss further in April or May.
A new family-oriented storytime is being planned.  The new program combines singing, movement, and books.  Cindy will run the program and needs a partner.
Rick will distribute an electronic library letterhead. 

Motion to adjourn by Margie at 8:00, seconded by Rick. Motion passed.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 11 2020 @ 6:30PM