Library Board of Trustees

April 2020
Meeting date: 
Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Tuttle Library Board of Trustees Minutes

April 14th, 2020

Members Present: Nancy Blair, Shelly Connolly, Steve Ullman, Margie Warner Rick Wood.

Also present, Library Director Cindy Jewett

This meeting was held on-line

Public Comments,: None. 

Shelly moved to accept the Agenda and Nancy seconded.  The motion passed.

Nancy moved and Rick seconded acceptance of the March Minutes. The motion passed.

Treasurers Report was accepted and there was much discussion surrounding the giving back of monies to the town as a result of the pandemic financial issues.  The following motions were made:

Shelly moved that $500 be sent back from Books, Nancy seconded. The motion passed.

Nancy moved that $500 be sent back from Software, Shelly seconded. The motion passed.

Nancy moved and Margie seconded that $100 be returned from electric, as the thermostat has been lowered and lights have been kept to a minimum. The motion passed.

Nancy moved and Rick seconded for $400 to be returned from oil. The motion passed.

Nancy moved and Shelly seconded to return $1000 from maintenance as McGurty would not be cleaning during March and April.

Library Director's Report:

Staff has been working from home; Cindy goes in twice each week.

The staff holds Zoom meetings regularly.

Cindy is in touch with the state library each week.

There has been MUCH education for the patrons as to what our library has available on-line. Many people were not aware of how much our library had to offer!!!!

So much staff development is taking place. The library staff has been able to learn a great deal about how many of the on-line systems work. They are becoming much more knowledgeable about the James A. Tuttle Library!

Old Business:

None dealt with at this time

New Business:

Staff Morale: Cindy says that it just feels weird to not be IN the library and seeing patrons. Some of the staff are finding this hard to deal with!

Trustees decided to donate gift cards from Rick and Diane's and Edmund’s for each of the staff.

A nice surprise and a boost for local businesses!

Motion to adjourn by Nancy at 7:50, seconded by Shelly. Motion passed.

Next Meeting, May 13th @ 6:30 PM