Library Board of Trustees

Monthly Meeting
Meeting date: 
Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Tuttle Library
Antrim, NH
Board of Trustees

DATE: October 12, 2021
TIME: 6:30 PM
TYPE OF MEETING: Regular Meeting

PRESENT: Nancy Blair, Susan Bartlett, Cynthia Jewett by video, (Library Director,) Diane Kendall, Steve Ullman, and Rick Wood. Visitor: John Pietroniro
PUBLIC PRESENT: John Pietroniro

Call to Order at 6:30 PM: Rick Wood
Roll call, introduction of guests: and approval of agenda:

  • Steve moved to approve agenda.
  • Nancy seconded motion.
  • Agenda approved.
  • Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Rick and Steve had amendments.
  • Steve moved to accept minutes from September as amended.
  • Nancy seconded motion.
  • Amended Minutes accepted.
  • Correspondence: None reported

Public Comment:

  • Consultant John Pietroniro from “Project Resource Group, LLC” of Francestown talked with the board about the two-phase building maintenance and capital improvement (stewardship) planning package his company is offering. The cost of Phase 1, as described in the stewardship plan is $3,600. The cost of Phase 2 is $4,800.
  • Board discussed merits of proposal, and the distinctions between maintenance and capital improvements.
  • Steve moved that the board increase the 2022 maintenance/repair budget line to include the Project Resource Group consulting fee for Tuttle Library stewardship planning. This would be a one-time increase to $15,400.
  • Nancy seconded the motion.
  • Motion passed.


Financial: Treasurer, Diane Kendall, (see report):

  • 2021 Library budget is well within acceptable % limits, YTD. Rick brought 2022 budget for review. Tabled discussion and final approval of 2022 budget until November meeting.
  • CIP update: Rick, (see report.)

Library Director, Cynthia Jewett (see report):

  • Cindy received the “Library Director of the Year” award from the New Hampshire Library Trustees Association. Congratulations, Cindy! A celebration will be planned and scheduled.=
  • Telescope Policy: See new telescope policy; telescope policy motion tabled until November.
  • Facility Use Policy: Discussion re facility use policy – Library needs to adopt a policy before we allow a ticketed, commercial event.  Board will review town hall policy and vote next month on adopting that policy, or drafting a new policy for the library.
  • Library storage clean out. Cindy received a bid to clean out basement and upstairs room of  $1,850 from a local business. 2021 Maintenance fees should cover the cost.
  • Nancy moved that the library hire the clean-out business for $1,850 to be paid out of the library maintenance fees on the condition that the vendors provide sub certificate of liability and a W9.
  • Susan seconded motion.
  • Discussion.
  • Motion passed.

Old Business

  • See report
  • Trespassing policy: board reviewed the trespassing policy with regards to the library. The library director has the discretion to revoke patron privileges. Further research is required before voting on final policy. Discussion tabled until next meeting.
  • Festival of Trees is off. Xmas decorations needed for library.  

New Business No discussion.
Announcements No discussion
Motion to adjourn meeting:
Steve moved to adjourn meeting.
Nancy seconded motion.
Meeting Adjourned.

Date for next meeting: November 9, 6:30 PM