What kind of tax relief does Antrim offer?

Antrim offers exemptions and tax credits for qualified veterans, elderly, blind, and disabled veterans. These applications are available in our office at the Town Hall. The due date for these applications is April 15th. For more information, contact the Town Hall or refer to New Hampshire Revised Statutes Online.

Low & Moderate Income Homeowners

There is a state program entitled “Low and Moderate Income Homeowners State Property Tax Relief”. To qualify, you should have a total household income of (a) $20,000 or less if a single person, or (b) $40,000 or less if married or head of a New Hampshire household. This form is available in towns on April 15th each year, and should be submitted to the NH Department of Revenue between May 1st  and June 30th. Information and the form to be filed is available online here.  Please feel free to ask us about your eligibility for tax relief. As always, your financial information is kept confidential and returned to you.


The Town of Antrim offers a tax credit in the amount of $500 for qualifying veterans and $2,000 for service-connected totally (100%) disabled veterans. Spouses of deceased qualifying veterans can also apply for a tax credit. Applications are available at the Town Hall.

Preservation of Historic Barns & Other Agricultural Buildings

Through the Agricultural Structures Preservation Easement, the preservation of historic barns and other agricultural buildings over 75 years old, is encouraged by granting property tax relief within a range of a 25-75% reduction in the structure’s assessment, to owners who (a) can demonstrate the public benefit of preserving their barns or other historic farm buildings, and (b) agree to maintain their structures throughout the minimum 10-year preservation easement. Also, maintaining and repairing the building will not result in an increase of its full assessed value for property tax purposes while under this easement. More information is available here.