Motor Vehicle Registration

New Residents

New residents to the state are required to register their vehicles and obtain a New Hampshire driver's license within sixty (60) days.

Change of Address

Residents must notify the Motor Vehicle Department of their new address within ten (10)days of a change. Forms are available at the office of the Town Clerk.

The local portion of a vehicle registration done by the Town Clerk where an applicant resides is called a permit. The permit portion must be done with the local clerk before the state portion can be done. The completed form is then called the registration.

Registrants holding clear title to a vehicle must submit the original title to the Town clerk who prepares the New Hampshire title application and registration. Taxes on the vehicle are calculated based on the list price of the vehicle when it was new ( without options). Taxes and applicable fees are due and payable to the Town Clerk at the time of application.

There are three types of registrations which may be handled by the Town Clerk.

  1. Renewals - Same vehicle and same owner. Due in the birth month of registrant.  
  2. New Vehicles - (new to owner)
  3. Transfers