Capital Improvement Committee

P. O. Box 517
Antrim, New Hampshire 03440


The CIP Committee is expanding from a Board of 5 to a Board of 7 members for this year. The Committee is looking for 2 volunteers from the community to be on the Board.

The Requirements/Expectations of the CIP Committee are as follows:

  • Have access to Zoom for our initial meetings this year until the Town Hall reopens to the public.
  • Able to read and understand Microsoft excel spreadsheets
  • Flexibility in the Fall to participate in department walkthroughs during the daytime, Monday – Thursday in the late morning.
  • Be a resident of Antrim over the age of 18

The CIP Committee meets with each Town Department on an annual basis, and reviews their expected financial needs for the next 5 years. The CIP is responsible for collecting this information, and presenting it to the Select Board at the end of the year so the Town can have a better understanding of financial needs in the near future, as well as long term.

No experience in Finance is necessary. This is an excellent opportunity as a community member to see how budgets are discussed for the Town Departments, and the needs of the Town in general.

If interested, please email the Planning Department at prior to May 21st, or call (603) 588-6785 extension 227. The Town Hall remains closed to the public during this time.

Thank you,

-The Town of Antrim Planning Department

Committee Members

Name Title
Bob Holmes Chair
Neal Pattison Vice Chair
Victor Rosansky Member
Mike Genest Ex Officio