Burn Permits

Fire Wardens

Marshall Gale, Warden
(603) 588-6247
Jay Hennesey, Deputy
(603) 588-6720
Barbara Beauchamp, Deputy
(603) 588-8075
Tom Beaumont, Deputy
(603) 660-0421

A fire permit is required for all outside burning unless ground is completely snow covered. Seasonal permits can be written for campfires 

Fire Danger Level

  • Today's fire danger and fire weather can be viewed here or call (866) 643-4737
  • Permits will be issued if the weather and conditions are favorable for burning that day. No brush burning permits will be issued on class 3 (high fire danger) days and above. Please try to plan ahead as wardens typically will not come out after 6 pm. As an added convenience, permits can be obtained online at the link above. There is a three dollar charge if you use this option

When Can You Burn?

  • 5:00pm to 9:00am (unless raining)
  • Permit is still required even if it is raining

What You Can Burn

  • Leaves (better to mulch as they really don’t burn that well)
  • Brush up to 5 inches in diameter
  • Clean building material ( no painted or treated wood)
  • Clean paper

Important Law Change: The State Division of Forests and Lands and the State Fire Marshals Office have determined that chimneas and other portable pottery or metal fireplaces constitute open burning and require a campfire permit. Gas and charcoal grills do not require permits, however cooking with charcoal in a dug pit does.