Friends of the Library


Friends of the Library

Welcome to the Friends of the Library page!  We hope you will join us in supporting the activities and programming at the Tuttle Library!

The Friends meet every quarter, but most of our work is done in committees.  A gardening group, refreshment group, library inventory helpers, art display committee, maintenance committee, and "Books for Newborns" enhance activities and services at the library. If you have an idea and want to start a program, our officers will support you! Our organization also purchased a library pass for the SEE Children's Science Center in Manchester and a NH State Park pass. Announcements are posted on our Facebook page (JA Tuttle Friends of the Library), email, and monthly library newsletters for upcoming meetings and events.  Please consider joining us!

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Please fill out a membership form at the front desk; someone will contact you.

Mission Statement: Friends of the James A Tuttle Library exist to promote public knowledge and use of the library's resources, services, and programs; to encourage the growth and development of the library; and to strengthen and expand the appreciation of this cultural and educational asset to the community.



Linda Morehouse, President
Jennifer Chamberlin, Vice President

Linda Tenney, Secretary
Shelly Connolly, Treasurer
Mary Payne, Membership Chair